No, Olive Garden's Menu Does Not Include A 'Super Salad'

Rumors abound about Olive Garden, the beloved casual dining chain known for its folksy, Italian-inspired menu. One oft-repeated rumor that appears to be true is that many customers mistakenly believe the restaurant offers some kind of "super salad" among its many menu items. According to a TikTok video from the chain that parodies the situation, the confusion stems from customers misunderstanding servers when they ask diners if they would prefer "soup or salad." Instead, many people hear "super salad," which naturally conjures up images of an impressive collection of fresh vegetables drizzled in the finest dressing known to humanity (according to some, anyway).

The confusion is so widespread that Olive Garden has commented on it via its X (formerly Twitter) account. In the post, Olive Garden references the "soup or salad" conundrum and asks what its super salad power would be if it had one. According to the answers, "immortality (unlimited)" is the top response, with "force field (of cheese)" coming in second. In addition to lacking a verifiable superpower, however, the chain is also without an actual super salad.

Olive Garden's comical communication breakdown

The short but hilarious TikTok clip perfectly encapsulates the confusion that can result when servers take customer orders at Olive Garden. In the video, an off-screen server asks a customer whether she'd prefer the "soup or the salad," to which she replies, "Yes, please!" By the end of the clip, it's clear that the customer believes there's some kind of super salad waiting in the wings and expresses obvious disappointment when she realizes that's not the case.


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As is common on the social media platform, TikTokers have lots of opinions about the clip. Many wonder why servers don't say "salad or soup" instead, although it's undeniable that "soup or salad" just rolls off the tongue better. Both servers and customers related to the video, claiming that they too have been flummoxed by the seemingly simple question. The clip was even co-signed by Olive Garden's official TikTok account, which plainly commented "Agreed" on the post.

It's not super, but it's pretty good

If you can't get a super salad at Olive Garden, what can you expect? The chain's house salad is a humble yet tasty offering, complete with lettuce, olives, tomatoes, onions, and pepperoncini. The salad typically comes with the restaurant's version of Italian dressing, but you can substitute it with a low-fat version or opt for a more simple mix of oil and vinegar instead. When ordered on its own, the house salad arrives with two breadsticks, a favorite of Olive Garden customers everywhere.

You can also turn the house salad into a bona fide meal by ordering the never-ending soup, salad, and breadsticks deal. Along with the salad and breadsticks, you have a choice of four soups: chicken gnocchi, minestrone, pasta e fagioli, and zuppa Toscana. Customers can request refills for each item, and Olive Garden staff will most likely oblige you (although there are limitations on the amount of food you'll receive). While the Italian-inspired chain lacks a true superstar salad, a never-ending supply of comfort food sure seems pretty fantastic.