Reach For A Ramen Seasoning Packet To Punch Up Those Bland Veggies

You ever wonder why one of the most abundant foods on store shelves across the globe are ramen noodles? Well, they're the perfect instant soup and have a lot possibilities. Ramen noodles can warm you up on a cold day or keep you going until your next meal. However, there's more! Within these packages, along with the noodles, come seasoning packets that boost the flavor of your soup. While seemingly ubiquitous, these packets are also a hidden gem when it comes to seasoning other meals.

That's right. Instead of seasoning your soup, you can use the contents of each ramen packet to enhance the flavor of meats, snacks, and a variety of vegetables. It can be hard to make certain veggies become as alluring as a juicy steak or pieces of crispy fried chicken. But instead of pushing them to the side of your plate, you can make them the main feature just by adding some ramen seasoning.

Enhance the flavor of your veggies

While there are plenty of spices you can hand-pick and choose to add more flavor to your vegetables, using ramen seasoning will do all of that work for you. Most brands of ramen seasoning have an umami flavor that's made with herbs like scallions, chives, onions, garlic and cilantro. Depending on the brand or flavor, you may also find spices like cumin, or even dried lemongrass and coconut sugar. These spices will help balance out the sweetness that comes from your veggies while baking or roasting. Soon, they'll have a rich, umami flavor, giving them a seasoned, savory boost. Simply open a packet and just sprinkle it over them before cooking.

Ramen seasoning will go great on your veggies, whether fresh or frozen. While you'll love the taste of it on fresh broccoli, mushrooms, or beets, ramen seasoning also goes great on frozen veggies like fries or diced potatoes — you can even add ramen seasoning on mashed potatoes and gravy. There's really no specific vegetable nor a certain ramen seasoning you'll need to choose, you can experiment with your favorite brands.

Other foods that taste great with ramen seasoning

If you enjoy the taste of ramen seasoning on your veggies, you'll absolutely love the taste of it on some of your other favorite foods. Take a bag of popcorn and sprinkle some ramen seasoning throughout. The mix of umami flavor and buttery popcorn is truly legendary. If you've got extra ramen seasoning, you could flavor your cashews the next time you're in the mood for a snack.

Some of the most delicious combinations are ramen seasoning and meat. Delicious dry rubs for your chicken or ribs will include some variety of spices found in ramen seasoning. A little of it used in your fried chicken goes a long way. If you love burgers, you'll find ramen seasoning really adds something special to every bite. As that patty cooks, the umami flavor from the seasoning will absorb and make your burger an outstanding meal. These are just some ideas you can try. Don't be afraid to really experiment and try your ramen seasoning on as many meals as you can.