Your French Fry Game Will Never Be The Same With One Unexpected Seasoning Powder

French fries seasoned with salt alone are so passé — and there are plenty of other variations for any craving. From Parmesan truffle fries at upscale restaurants to french fries seasoned with Old Bay, there's proof that delicious fries come with all types of seasonings and toppings.

A few years back, McDonald's Hong Kong upped their fry game with french fries with a seasoning you might not expect — ramen noodle powder. Although these fries were a limited-time offer, they sound pretty tasty, thanks to that seasoning that serves as the perfect savory topping. 

Thankfully, you can find ramen seasoning at nearly any grocery store, so if you're into making your own fries, you can easily score this one-of-a-kind fry topping. You can also add as much or as little as you'd like, which is great whether you're feeling the need for extra salt in your life or watching your sodium intake.

Why you should top your fries with ramen powder

Ramen is so famous that it's everywhere nowadays — and chefs have proudly shown off their twists on the dish. But while ramen burgers peaked in popularity for a while, you probably didn't think to make ramen fries to match.

Ramen powder is a wonderfully savory addition to regular french fries, though, and of course, we have McDonald's Hong Kong to thank for the culinary inspiration. In 2019, they released a fry collaboration with Nissin — a company you'll recognize if you're a ramen or instant noodles fan. 

The McDonald's fries came in two tantalizing flavors: black garlic pork broth and sesame oil. Naturally, each fry order was accompanied by a little packet of powder and a bag for shaking to add any amount of seasoning you'd like to your fries and still be completely satisfied. We're disappointed that the fries are no longer available, even in Hong Kong. Combining two favorite foods into a perfectly seasoned fry might inspire you to make ramen fries yourself. Ramen fries are a dream come true for anyone who loves salty ramen powder and soft, crispy french fries.

Other fun seasonings for french fries

If you're not into ramen's signature flavor but want to bolster your french fries with a new type of seasoning, there are still plenty of options. Choose which flavor you want for your fries, and we can guarantee that there's a seasoning to match.

There are countless french fry seasonings to try. If you haven't yet put Lawry's seasoning salt on your fries, now's the time — the blend of paprika, onion, and garlic is a classic seasoning for french fries. 

For a Cajun twist on fries, try creole seasoning. (Many of your favorite fast food places use Cajun inspiration for their french fries.) Umami seasoning is another powder that'll elevate your fries in a savory way. The unexpected fry seasoning will provide similar culinary inspiration to the ramen powder fries, but it'll add a completely different flavor, so if you're on an umami kick, try it out on your fries. No matter which seasoning you choose, your fries will turn out flavorful, but ramen powder on fries is a winning combination that'll soon become your french fry go-to.