Keep Snacks Super Fresh With A Simple Chopstick Hack

If you have enough self-control not to eat an entire bag of pretzels in one sitting, kudos to you, but don't just leave the half-eaten bag open on your table. After all, what's the point of holding onto snacks if they're stale? It's important to always have a bundle of storage clips on hand for times like these, but if your chip clips have all spontaneously run away, you don't have to settle for a bag of soft chips. Instead, reach inside your kitchen drawers for a pair of disposable chopsticks.

While you might usually only use these for their intended purpose of picking up food, disposable chopsticks still connected at the base can also double as an unexpected bag sealer in a pinch. To start, just fold down the top of your bag of chips, removing any excess air as you do so. Now remove your chopsticks from the packaging and slide them horizontally over whatever snack you want to keep fresh. Now, your bag is sealed and ready to store.

Of course, this is an instance where you don't want to break the chopsticks apart to retain that sealing pressure, so make sure to leave them intact. And if your snack bag is smaller than the chopsticks, remember that you can also trim them to make them a better fit. And if you're not yet convinced about this hack, let's see what others say about it.

What people think of these unexpected bag sealers

If you're someone who holds onto any excess item you receive from a takeout restaurant, you might as well put them to good use. And for those who are not totally convinced that this hack will work, some hack fans have already taken to Reddit to sing its praises. One Reddit user posted a picture of the hack, and a fan was quick to comment on the sustainability factor of the hack. Another user dubbed the idea as an especially clever alternative to storage clips. In a separate Reddit post, some fans commented on how much easier it was to use chopsticks to close the bags since many storage clips are challenging to open.

So clearly, chopsticks can double as an unlikely savior for open bags of snacks, and they can be an unexpected tool for much more than that, too. As mentioned above, most people accumulate reusable chopsticks after ordering takeout and end up with lots of extra utensils, but you can also purchase them for yourself from most major retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Target.

If this hack isn't enough for you to want to buy more chopsticks, some Reddit fans claim that they have long been pairing chopsticks with their snacks for a completely different kind of helpful hack. For those who need another reason to bring your favorite snacks and a pair of disposable chopsticks together, here it is.

Another chopstick hack for your favorite snacks

It might seem hard to believe, but a bag of snacks and a pair of chopsticks are a match made in heaven in more ways than one. Not only can chopsticks double as a bag sealer, but they're also a great candidate for helping you grab snacks from a snack bag without getting your fingers greasy or grimy. This hack is especially useful for messy snacks like Cheetos or Doritos. No more dealing with that bright orange dust that sticks to all your fingers; just use a pair of chopsticks to pluck chips out of the bag instead.

That is just one more reason to keep some disposable chopsticks on hand. They have a whole lot more uses than serving as a utensil for savory entreés. But hey, if you don't often happen upon a pair of chopsticks, there are plenty of other chip bag sealing hacks to try, too.