The 'Jochizza' Is Not A Costco Food Court Hack For The Faint Of Heart

While Costco's food court does offer a few different food options, some members just aren't satisfied with the standard items. Instead, they like to experiment and create their own foods using items already on the menu. Some "secret menu" items — like the "forbidden glizzy" or a DIY root beer float — have gained popularity online.

The latest item making the rounds on social media is the "jochizza." To make the jochizza, you'll need to get creative. Start by ordering three different Costco food court items: a hot dog, a chicken bake, and a slice of pizza. Then, slice down the middle of a chicken bake, creating enough room for a hot dog. Once the Kirkland-branded hot dog has been removed from its bun and placed inside the chicken bake, it's time to top it off. Remove the cheese from the top of the slice of pizza and place it on top of the hot dog.

Once the food has been assembled, continue adding some more toppings from the hot dog bar. Diced onions, relish, ketchup, and mustard are available to top the meal off. Once it's assembled, you can bite right into it.

People are divided about this food combo

Some on social media were impressed after trying the food. One TikTok user called the meal "the best Costco menu item" after trying it. Several commenters praised the idea, too, saying they wanted to try it for themselves. YouTuber Vannie Eats posted a taste-testing video, and she said she was surprised at how much she actually enjoyed the taste of the food, particularly thanks to the pizza's cheese on top.


This is the ultimate costco food court hack no one wants you to know about 🌭🍕🤪 ib: @El Arturito 🇲🇽

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Other social media users were concerned about the potential repercussions of eating the high-calorie meal, saying it might lead to heartburn or digestive problems. A few commenters on the Vannie Eats video were put off by the dish. Several TikTok users said they felt sick just looking at the "jochizza."

But if you're feeling adventurous the next time you take a trip to Costco, you can certainly try this food court hack. We would recommend you have an empty stomach when you do or bring a friend to split the meal with.

What will the meal cost you?

Costco itself likely won't be offering this massive food item any time soon, so you will need to purchase all the components separately to make it yourself. So, how much will this meal cost you? The chicken bake is $3.99, a slice of pizza is $1.99, and the iconic hot dog and soda combo is only $1.50, as it has been for years. In total, the meal will cost around $7.48 before tax.

Beyond the monetary cost, the meal will be pretty high in calories, too. The chicken bake alone is 840 calories. A slice of cheese pizza is around 710, and an all-beef hot dog is a minimum of 580 calories. Of course, those calorie counts include the hot dog bun and pizza crust, so it's not completely accurate since only parts of the foods will be used. Still, it's safe to say that this meal will be over 1,000 calories once all the components have been combined.