Give Your Deviled Eggs Some Flair By Swapping Mayo For Tahini

When preparing a batch of deviled eggs, whipping up the yolks with some mayonnaise can help the eggs achieve that creamy, fluffy texture in the center. However, if you want to avoid using the condiment in your cooking, there is an easy substitution. Swapping in some tahini can give you the texture you need while adding just a little bit of a nutty flavor. The flavor of the tahini is subtle, and it can be mixed with some garlic and lemon juice to take on a taste similar to that of mayonnaise.

Tahini is a creamy, vegan paste made from sesame seeds, and it's most often used as a component in hummus. It can be purchased in grocery stores or made right at home by blending together some sesame seeds in oil. Its smooth texture makes it a great substitute for mayonnaise in other recipes, and it will act similarly when used for deviled eggs.

How to add tahini to deviled eggs

The substitution is a relatively simple one: Just add a tablespoon or so for every half-dozen yolks. You can also thicken the tahini up just a little bit. This can be done by adding in some Greek yogurt to the mix. The mix of the two should turn out similar to the consistency of mayonnaise. Then, simply add it to your favorite deviled eggs recipe, using the same amount as the called-for mayonnaise.

Tahini originally hails from the Middle East. If you want to accentuate those flavors, there is another way that you can enhance your appetizer. Instead of using the standard salt, pepper, and paprika to flavor the eggs, try adding some za'atar, a spice blend typically made using cumin, dried sumac, oregano, thyme, and marjoram. Once you've mixed up your yolky filling with your tahini and desired seasonings, you can finish your recipe as normal by piping the prepared filling into your halved egg whites and sprinkling on any desired garnishes.

Swap out mayonnaise in other recipes

Tahini can be an excellent substitute for other mayonnaise needs, too. If you're planning on serving those tahini-based deviled eggs at a party, you can also use the sesame paste to make some French onion dip – the paste also works well for making chip dips extra creamy. Additionally, when making homemade salad dressing, tahini can provide a little bit of extra flavor, as well as some added creaminess.

As an added bonus, tahini has plenty of vitamins and nutrients that can be beneficial health-wise. The paste has 3 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber, and 7% of your daily recommended iron intake in just a single tablespoon. It also contains vitamins B1 and B2, as well as selenium, an antioxidant that can reduce inflammation, according to Healthline. The next time you make up a batch of deviled eggs, consider swapping in some tahini for the mayonnaise — the added flavor will amplify the taste of the eggs and might just leave your guests craving more.