Burger King Is Testing 2 New Chicken Fries For A Limited Time

If you're a fan of Burger King's famous chicken fries and you happen to live in Boston, a unique deal is headed your way. For a limited time, the fast food chain will be testing two new flavors of its chicken fries: Chicken & Waffle and Chicken Parm. The new menu items will be available at participating locations starting on July 24 while supplies last, according to a press release shared with Daily Meal. 

This special promotion is exclusive to Burger King locations in Boston, so if you're not a resident of Beantown, you're unfortunately out of luck. (Or if you're really passionate, you can figure out transportation and plan a fast food fried poultry pilgrimage.)

If you're a Bostonian on team Chicken & Waffle, expect those chicken fries to come coated in a "sweet waffle batter" with a small cup of syrup. Fans hoping for a taste of the Chicken Parm version can expect a zesty, spicy offering of fries coated in "Italian herbs," parmesan, garlic, and a side of marinara.

Importantly, if you want to try both iterations of the new chicken fries, you'll have to go to two different Burger King locations. No single location will offer both fries together — just one or the other. So, either choose a side or set aside a little extra money for transportation.

The new chicken fries join other limited-time Burger King offerings

While these limited-time chicken fries are brand new for Boston, they're just one facet of Burger King's slate of poultry-packed items for 2023. For example, the chain added another version of its chicken fries – spicy chicken fries – earlier this year. They were only around for a few months before disappearing, but fans of the dish are already hoping for its return. Similar to the spicy chicken fries, Burger King also began offering customers new fiery nuggets this summer. These are still available, but only until August 17, so grab them while you can. Of course, for those who can't handle the fire, the new sweet and savory chicken fries should be a welcome reprieve from all that peppery heat.

Depending on the response from consumers, maybe the fiery nuggets, along with Boston's newly-launched flavors of chicken fries, won't join the ranks of popular items that were discontinued from Burger King. But for now, fans of the chain will just have to wait and see how the test run plays out.