Burger King Is Adding Melts And Spicy Chicken Fries To Its Menu In Time For Spring

While the famous Whopper from Burger King has seen a number of different iterations since its debut in 1957, from the tangy Western Whopper to the bacon-laden Wisconsin White Cheddar Whopper, the core of the sandwich has remained the same. Buying a Whopper means a quarter-pound patty of beef topped with fresh tomatoes and onion, lettuce, crunchy pickles, and ketchup and mayonnaise smeared on a sesame seed bun. Its simplicity is its power, and rival fast-food chains have tried to recreate its success to no avail. 

Arguably, Burger King had the riskiest take on its most iconic menu item just last year. The chain introduced a new take on its classic burger shortly after the latest president of the chain, Tom Curtis, was introduced. The new leader started shifting the chain's focus more on its core menu ever since the start – especially to the value of the Whopper. 

Burger King debuted a new Whopper Melt on March 10 of 2022. Goodbye classic sesame seed bun, hello two slices of toasted white bread. The Melts were always meant to be a limited-time product, so the sandwiches were gone shortly after their debut. Almost a year later, however, the chain is bringing its Melts back again just in time for spring. And that's not all. Burger King is introducing a completely new one.

The return of a classic and the introduction of Spicy Chicken Fries

According to a press release, Burger King is beefing up its menu with the return of a long-lost favorite, plus the addition of a completely new flavor for one menu classic. Coming on March 6, the chain is putting its beloved Melts back on the grill. For a limited time, customers can grab a Melt in any of the chain's three varieties: classic, spicy, or bacon. 

Sandwiched between two slices of toasted bread, each Melt comes with two Whopper Jr. patties, American cheese, caramelized onions, and a special sauce. On March 9, the burger chain is also celebrating the return of the sandwich by bringing a special sweepstakes opportunity to Burger King Royal Perks members. To enter, customers can use the chain's app or go online to win prizes — with some worth upwards of $200 thousand. Other prizes include gaming consoles, Bluetooth speakers, hats, and special-edition Melt meals.

The second addition to the chain's menu is the brand-new Spicy Chicken Fries. A hot new edition of the chain's regular Chicken Fries, these babies come with a spicy, fiery-hot kick. These two menu items will be available at select Burger King locations during the spring season from March 6 until May 14. Just another reason to look forward to the end of winter.