19 Discontinued Burger King Items We Probably Won't See Again

Burger King has been around since 1953 and has long been a mainstay in the fast-food industry. The restaurant has enjoyed this longevity for several reasons, including a willingness to experiment with the menu and try some new, interesting, and downright out-of-the-box menu items. This is how it has enjoyed a reputation of its own while competing against the McDonald's and Wendy's of the world.

As you take a look at Burger King's storied history, there are some items that have stood the test of time, others that shaped the fast-food industry, and other big swings and misses that were quickly discontinued. Some items flopped and were discontinued for good reason, while others still have die-hard Burger King customers clamoring for a return to the menu. This guide will delve into BK history, including cult favorites, weird experiments, and everything in between, with 19 discontinued Burger King menu items that we're unlikely to get back.


What do you get when you mix a Whopper and a burrito? Well ... a Whopperito, of course. Burger King rolled out its Whopperrito in 2016. This was a Whopper in burrito form, with ingredients like ground beef, lettuce, mayonnaise, and mustard stuffed inside a tortilla shell. As an added twist, Burger King swapped out American cheese for queso sauce to give it a bit more Mexican-style flare.

After some test runs in Pennsylvania, Burger King introduced the nation to the Whopperrito in the late summertime. Some people thought this menu item was a bit weird, but others found it surprisingly tasty. The burger got some social media buzz but was quickly discontinued three short months after its launch. In all, the Whopperito wasn't very well-received, which makes the chance of a comeback next to nil. Though an online petition for the Whopperito came and went, there's still hope for die-hard fans. True to the slogan "Have it your way," customers have reported that Burger King locations have allowed them to request their Whopper in a tortilla. The restaurant keeps tortillas in stock for its breakfast burrito. It may lack the queso sauce and the original Whopperito's kick, but it's the only way this discontinued menu item will live on for the foreseeable future. 


Burger King had once captured the hearts and minds of both the breakfast and dessert crowd in a single item with its Cini-Minis. When weighing this one against several other discontinued Burger King items, the Cini-Minis might be the most missed and coveted of the bunch. These were miniature cinnamon buns that came with an icing dipping sauce. The BK Cini-Minis debuted in 1998 and were officially discontinued in 2016. They paired well with a coffee for breakfast, or could just as easily serve as the icing on the cake after your Whopper combo meal.

Fans have been begging Burger King to bring back the Cini-Minis for some time. There's an active petition that currently has more than 5,000 signatures. While other discontinued items flopped, this was a clear winner that had loyal fans across generations. People legitimately grew up on this menu item, which could explain the backlash Burger King experienced once it announced they would no longer be available to order.

Turkey burger

Burger King has never shied away from including healthier items on its menu. One of the most notable examples was the turkey burger, which substituted the beef patty for ground turkey. This item was introduced in 2013 as a limited-edition option. It was marketed as a healthier alternative and also included an Artisan bun and red onions. 

Reviewers found the turkey burger juicy, yet lacking some potential flavor. Burger King also advertised versions of this burger that also included slices of turkey bacon. This sandwich was rolled out as part of a promotion that included a veggie burger and a healthier version of a beef burger. These menu options remained limited in the long run, as they came and went after the initial release. This leaves the turkey burger among the discontinued menu items that you may have never known existed without doing some digging and research. 

Western Whopper

The Western Whopper is a burger that you might remember if you grew up in the '90s. The restaurant put a lot of advertising into the rollout, which featured plenty of cowboy and Western-themed commercials. In addition to the famous flame-broiled beef, the Western Whopper also included strips of crispy bacon and a dollop of Bullseye Barbecue sauce. The Western Whopper was brought back again for a short time in the 2000s and featured humorous commercials of burgers making people grow mustaches after eating them.

Despite being fairly popular both times, the Western Whopper only received limited releases. Burger King has since experimented with so many different types of Whoppers that also feature bacon, barbecue sauce, and spicy flavors, so it's unlikely that anything about the Western Whopper would set it apart enough to warrant a return to the menu. Instead, this burger will have to live on through the commercials. 

Dutch Apple Pie

Burger King has always had the willingness to go head-to-head with the big dogs in whatever menu items they specialize in. Its main competitor, McDonald's, has long sold apple pies that are a hit with customers. It's virtually a reflex for some people to order an apple pie to go with their Big Mac combo. Burger King once came out with its own answer to McDonald's apple pie in the form of the Dutch apple pie. Burger King added a twist by making it a deep dish treat with a flakier crust. Fans loved Burger King's take because it felt a lot closer to homemade style. The pie had a gooey filling and plenty of size for the money that you pay. They were also full slices, much like you would get if you had made the pie yourself.

Burger King announced the discontinuation of its apple pies in 2020, telling Dellish, "Our supplier is no longer producing the product." People immediately took to social media to voice their displeasure over this decision. The pies had been around for so long and were so popular that Burger King definitely still has a void in its dessert menu.

BK Fire-Grilled Ribs

Like other fast-food restaurants, Burger King also had a run of manufacturing short ribs. Burger King's BK Fire-Grilled Ribs were released in 2010. These were an unlikely hit, but the restaurant quickly ran out of packaging and meat for them. This created a bit of a fiasco, and Burger King had to pull the plug on advertising this menu item so it could regroup.

It appears that the ribs did much better than Burger King expected, having quickly sold 10 million orders early in its release. What could have been a smash hit success ended up causing Burger King to miss out on plenty of money. It's a business lesson that lives on in the annals of fast food history. Perhaps it informed releases for other BK items and will serve as a consistent reminder to always prepare for success.

Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries

Chicken Fries have been a menu success story for Burger King for many years. In seeing their popularity, Burger King took a crack at a new and interesting variant in 2018 in the form of its Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries. The chain took the winning recipe of its original Chicken Fries and added pretzel breading for a crispy and salty remix. 

Fans loved the Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries when they were released, but it would appear that this was only ever meant as a limited-time item. These fries were removed from the menu shortly after the release and show no sign of making a return anytime soon. These were one of many of Burger King's takes on chicken fries throughout the years. Perhaps this item was only released to generate a bit of buzz before going back to business as usual. Whatever the case, this is one fast-food chicken item we all want to be brought back.

Shake 'Em Up Fries

Burger King has also had a seeming willingness to experiment with its french fries throughout the years. In 2002, the restaurant introduced Shake 'em Up Fries, which were Burger King french fries that you could shake up in a cheesy sauce. This was yet another of Burger King's examples of being willing to, well, shake up its menu with out-of-the-box items that other chains might not ever try.

The Shake 'em Up Fries also featured a heavy marketing blitz, with advertisements featuring "The Simpsons" characters. Cheese and fries have long been a winning combination for many restaurants, and Burger King added the novel touch of having the customer participate in the process. In several commercials, kids euphorically shook their bags of fries so that the powdered cheese covered every square inch. It was also promoted heavily alongside Nickelodeon cartoons like "Rocket Power." Ultimately, the marketing blitz didn't equate to the success that the restaurant probably wanted, and these menu items were shortly discontinued after the release.

The Yumbo

One of the most memorable Burger King items from long ago was the Yumbo. The burger giant mixed up its menu decades ago with the release of this ham and cheese sandwich. It featured simple ingredients of melted cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce, and ham on a sesame seed bun. The sandwich first came out in the '60s before being discontinued in 1974. It was popular when it was out originally, but the long stretch of being discontinued probably means that it would have returned permanently if the company thought it had a shot at being a hit today. 

Burger King gave this ham sandwich a brief rerelease in 2014 for '70s nostalgia purposes. The company had been leaning into retro advertising, with commercials featuring people wearing bell bottoms and dancing to '70s music. However, it is unlikely that we will see the Yumbo back on Burger King menus anytime soon.

Mac 'N Cheetos

In yet another example of Burger King's willingness to go outside the box, the company released its Mac 'n Cheetos menu item in 2016. As the name suggests, it was a cross-promotion between Burger King and Cheetos. This menu option featured deep-fried macaroni and cheese sticks served in the noteworthy orange packaging that you get when you purchase a bag of Cheetos. It came with five Mac n' Cheetos cheese sticks, along with a ranch dipping sauce. They were deep-fried, similar to the cheese sticks that you would get when you order at a bar or restaurant. 

Not too long after, BK continued this cross-promotion in the form of Cheetos Chicken Fries. After its initial run, Burger King once again brought back its Mac 'n Cheetos in the spring of the following year. In all, this menu item got mixed reviews and likely doesn't have the appeal to stay permanently. However, Mac 'n Cheetos are still sold in grocery stores around the country in the frozen food aisle.

Cup Cake BK Sundae Shake

Once again, we turn to a dessert menu item that Burger King discontinued, much to the fan base's chagrin. The restaurant's Cup Cake BK Sundae Shake was an incredibly festive-looking Burger King milkshake. This offering was released to compete with the McDonald's and Dairy Queens of the world while leaving its own signature stamp. The Cup Cake BK Sundae Shake featured a vanilla shake, along with the sprinkles and frosting that you would see on a cupcake. It was thicker and creamier than you would get when ordering a typical milkshake. 

This menu item came out in the 2000s to coincide with an era of cupcake popularity. People with a sweet tooth were incredibly sad to see this one go. Reviewers bought into it, and customers appreciated it, but since the cupcake craze has died down a bit, it doesn't appear that we will get this one back anytime soon.

Crown-shaped nuggets

What's a king without a crown? That's the question that Burger King was hoping to answer with its unique take on chicken nuggets that came out in 2006. Rather than reinvent the wheel, this menu item was pretty straightforward. It took the same recipe that people love from the company's original chicken nuggets, and simply turned them into the shape of a king's crown. The chain marketed these white meat crown-shaped nuggets by saying that the crown shape made them perfect for dipping into barbecue, ranch, or your favorite sauce. These crown-shaped chicken nuggets had a decent run in the mid-2000s, before being discontinued in 2011. 

When the company announced that it would discontinue these nuggets, people took to Reddit and other forums to voice their displeasure. A petition also garnered several signatures from people hoping to bring them back. It would appear that Burger King was right in its hypothesis that something so simple could capture the hearts of the public. However, it probably isn't enough to get these crown-shaped nuggets back full-time.

BK Burger Shots

Burger King has already mastered the full-size flame-broiled burger (along with the large-size flame-broiled burger) in the form of its Whopper. The only thing that was left to do was to conquer miniature burgers. This was the thinking when Burger King released its take on sliders, which failed not once, but twice. The most recent came out in 2008, in the form of BK Burger Shots. As the name would imply, they offered a "shot" of a burger, featuring miniature ground beef, cheese, pickles, and ketchup. A combination of factors doomed the BK Burger Shot. They didn't sell well, weren't marketed as well as they could have been, and even had subpar cooking procedures.

The first time this idea was brought about was in the 1980s, as Burger King's Burger Buddies. This time, the burgers were too small for the restaurant's broiler grill, so they would often fall through multiple times during preparation. This led to poor sales and long wait times, which caused the Burger Buddies to be discontinued. With two clear failures and no real need to dabble in the slider market, it's unlikely that a third attempt will be a charm for Burger King.

Enormous Omelette sandwich

Burger King has also had a history of swinging for the fences with its breakfast items. One example, which lives on as a flop for the King, was the Enormous Omelet Sandwich. This was a breakfast menu item that had eggs cooked omelet style, cheese, sausage, and bacon on an extra-long sesame seed roll. It came out in 2005 and didn't do very well upon its release. 

The reason for its failure lies right in the title — the omelet sandwich was just a little bit too enormous. While people love their eggs for breakfast, this sandwich was just too much for many people first thing in the morning. It was heavy on calories, surpassing even the Whopper, and left many people either too full or unable to finish it. The Enormous Omelet Sandwich performed poorly and was shortly discontinued after its release.

Donut holes

Donut holes have long been a favorite for both the dessert and donut crowds. They're also perfect little bite-sized items that people could nibble on with their coffee for breakfast. Burger King decided to throw its hat into the ring with BK Donut Holes. This was a popular breakfast menu item that was comparable to Dunkin' Donuts' Dunkin' Munchkins.

The BK Donut Holes were released for a limited time and featured a light glaze. When you placed an order, you would get five donut holes and could also add a coffee. While people grabbed these up when they were still available, they didn't do enough to blow people's socks off. Some reviewers called them average, and many people said they left much to be desired when it came to flavor (despite smelling amazing). With so many other breakfast and dessert items available, there's probably not any room for a return for the BK Donut Holes.


Around the time that the turkey burger came out, Burger King had released a wide variety of healthy alternatives on its menu. In addition to healthier burgers and other sandwiches, the chain made an attempt to market and release a healthy alternative to its french fries. In 2013, this came in the form of Satisfries. These fries were said to have 30% less fat and 20% fewer calories than the regular version. 

They were released at a time when a lot of people were starting to become more health conscious, and grocery stores like Whole Foods were taking off in popularity. These fries got a nationwide release, along with a pretty sizable marketing campaign. Though there were high hopes Satisfries could shake up the fast-food industry, it would appear that at the end of the day, people still prefer the original Burger King fries. That led to the Satisfroes being discontinued not long after their release.

Bacon Sundae

In what will go down as one of the most bizarre combinations, Burger King took a chance in shaking up its dessert menu by adding bacon, of all things. In 2012, Burger King unveiled its BK Bacon Sundae, which featured a vanilla soft serve and multiple strips of bacon. The company marketed this item on its sweet and savory combination of flavors. In addition to the core ingredients, the BK Bacon Sundae was doused with plenty of caramel and hot fudge. 

Reviewers noted that the restaurant didn't skimp on the bacon either, as it lasted all the way to the bottom of the cup. While it was a novel take on a dessert item, many customers felt that the bacon sundae was a bit much and just couldn't wrap their minds around the ingredient combination. As such, the BK Bacon Sundae was quietly discontinued not long after its release.

Bacon Cheesy Tots

Potatoes, cheese, and bacon have long been a winning combination. The case was no different when Burger King originally rolled out its BK Bacon Cheesy Tots. As the name suggests, this menu item featured deep-fried tater tots stuffed with cheese and bacon bits. This side menu option was pleasing to the taste buds and paired well with just about any combo meal. 

They were originally released as a limited edition item and have stayed that way ever since. They would pop back up on the menu every year or so before finally being discontinued in 2021. It was a winning combination that had everything going for it but probably was only ever intended for a limited run. People gobbled them up when they were released, which is probably why they remained a revolving option for so long. Count these on the list of discontinued Burger King items that people would love to see back.

The Fiesta Whopper

The Fiesta Whopper is one of many discontinued Whopper items that Burger King has released from time to time. This rendition originally came out in the '90s, leaving it in the pantheon of fast food from this decade that was beloved when it was out, but unlikely to return. The main difference in this Whopper is that the chain replaced its ketchup with a spicy sauce. This gave the Fiesta Whopper plenty of kick that was enough to wake your taste buds up.

Like many discontinued Whoppers, the Fiesta Whopper was a fan-favorite that many customers are still clamoring for. It seems as though it was only ever intended for a limited release, so we're unlikely to see it back on the menu full-time. In the meantime, there are other spicy Whopper options that should be able to hold you over.