Taco Bell Is Asking Fans To Vote For Its New Hot Sauce Packet Phrases

If you've dined at a Taco Bell, you've likely tried the fast-food chain's sauce packets at some point. Taco Bell offers its sauce in four degrees of spiciness: mild, hot, fire, and diablo (which is one of the spiciest fast-food sauces available). Or, if you grab something off the Taco Bell breakfast menu, you could grab a packet of breakfast salsa.

Each of these sauce packets features a phrase printed on the outside, such as "rise and shine," "this one's on me," and "play. it. cool."

Now, Taco Bell is inviting its rewards members to vote on some all-new phrases to introduce to the lineup. Taco Bell rewards members can vote for their favorite sayings in the restaurant's app beginning July 18. Each of the five sauce varieties will have three phrase options to choose from, and Taco Bell fans can choose one phrase per sauce. The winning sauce sayings will make their restaurant debuts sometime in 2024.

Taco Bell fans can choose the new sauce packet sayings

Mild sauce saying options include "What's your @," "All love here," and "Great, good, okay." Hot sauce fans can choose from "It's a secret," "Why not?" and "First things first." Fire sauce sayings are "On the count of three," "Don't think, just do," and "Entering my ____ era." Diablo sauce could feature the phrases "Yes, and...," "If you won't, I will," and "Immediately, no." And for early risers, the breakfast salsa could soon say "Morning person," "I support it," or "Rooting for you."

This isn't the first time Taco Bell has asked for fan input regarding menu items. The restaurant has twice previously had its rewards members vote on which retired menu item would make a comeback. In fall 2022, fans chose the return of the enchirito over the double-decker taco. And in April, the beefy crunch burrito beat out the cool ranch Doritos locos tacos.

Taco Bell first introduced its sauce back in 1962 with only two varieties: red and green chili. The packets were introduced in the 1980s, and they first featured sayings on the design starting in 2004. Voting for the sayings on the sauces will take place in the Taco Bell app now through July 23, per the Orange County Register. The winning phrases will be announced on the Taco Bell website on July 24.