The TikTok Hack That Will Get Rid Of Unpopped Popcorn Kernels In Seconds

As the days grow shorter and we find ourselves in darkness around 5 p.m., more at-home movie nights might be on the agenda. And what's a movie night without some buttery and salty popcorn? According to Census, approximately 15 billion quarts of popcorn are consumed in the United States every year. If you didn't do that math, that averages to around 47 quarts of popcorn per person. We're honestly not surprised by this, considering once that first handful of popcorn is tasted, it's basically an automatic action of going back for more.

Whether you opt for the traditional butter and salt topping, or maybe go for a sweeter option like cinnamon-spice berry or caramel almond, one thing is for sure: We all have to pop some kernels. While some of us might be blessed enough to have a popcorn maker at home, there's nothing wrong with the good ol' microwave popcorn method. But how many times have you been left with dozens of unpopped kernels at the bottom of your bag or bowl? 

Luckily, thanks to a TikTok hack, those days can now be over.

Using the popcorn bag's top slit

How many times have you microwaved a bag of popcorn, poured it out into your favorite big bowl, and found that there were dozens of unpopped kernels looking back at you once you finished those that actually popped? Yeah, we've been there, too. But in the latest video of viral TikTok life and food hacks, there is actually a way to get rid of unpopped popcorn kernels in a matter of seconds.

Instead of ripping the popcorn bag open and pouring the contents into a bowl, just wait a second. According to TikTok user @onlyjasus, you should use that little slit at the top of the bag to your advantage. Before opening, take the unopened bag and shake it over a bowl. You'll be pleasantly surprised to see that all the unpopped kernels magically fall out of the bag. 

You'll then be left with a perfect, fully-popped bag of popcorn without the annoyance of unpopped kernels.

Stunning TikTok

Since being posted, the TikTok video has swept the social media community, earning over 600,000 likes, 7,200 shares, and over 3,400 comments.

"Things I wish I knew before I was in my 30s......" one TikToker commented on the video. "Next time I buy popcorn I need to do this," another person said. "I've watched so many of your content and [every time] my mind is blown, keep it coming," one of @onlyjasus fans replied to the video. One fan even referred to @onlyjasus as a master, commenting, "You are as wise as master Yoda." 

While @onlyjasus's video didn't say what to do with the unpopped kernels, there are a couple of options: Of course, you could simply throw the unpopped kernels away. Or you could try to re-pop them in the microwave or in a pot (via Greenhouse Eco Cleaning). For the best results, you can put your unpopped kernels in a paper bag with some butter or oil and toss them back into the microwave to pop for a couple of minutes.