Taco Bell's Enchirito Apparently Isn't As Good As The Internet Remembers

Fast food menu items tend to come and go as their popularity wanes. Limited releases can help to build hype surrounding the menu items, and encourage people to grab a bite before the food disappears. Taco Bell is notorious for the disappearance and reappearance of its Nacho Fries, which first made an appearance in January 2018 (via CNBC).

Taco Bell allowed fans to vote on which discontinued menu item they wanted to return (via Taco Bell). The voting took place on the Taco Bell app, and on October 7, the Enchirito was announced as the winner. The Taco Bell website states that this part-enchilada, part-burrito was first introduced in 1970, but departed menus in 2013.

The Enchirito returned to participating Taco Bell locations on November 17, reports USA Today, and will be available through November 30. Though fans were excited to grab the resurrected menu item, some were disappointed at the quality of their food and took to the internet to vent their frustrations.

Nostalgia brought it back, but fans appear disappointed

Displeased fans took to Reddit to lament about their less-than-appetizing orders from Taco Bell. One user posted a photo of a messy-looking meal, tossed haphazardly in a plastic container with the title "I'm just going to assume they had a rough day today..." on the Taco Bell subreddit r/tacobell. Others were displeased at the size of the Enchirito, and took to the same forum to state that online photos of the food make the food appear much bigger than what they were actually served (via Reddit).

Even taste tests don't live up to the nostalgia that brought back the menu item. Tasters over at Mashed reported that the Enchirito was "soggy" due to the amount of red sauce on top of the tortilla, and the beans and beef inside lacked enough flavor to make up for it.

Taco Bell's website has a contact page where customers can submit feedback regarding menu items (like the new 7-Layer meals), including complaints regarding the portion size, quality, and how the item was prepared.