What We're Loving: Terrain's Accessories for Outdoor Entertaining

Staff Writer
Home decor store provides classic details for any occasion

With June finally here and temperatures rising, thoughts are inevitably turning towards the outdoors: barbeques, drinks on the porch, and garden parties are all starting to sound like better and better ways to be spending our days.

Home and outdoor décor store Terrain is providing a wonderful collection of chic and timeless accessories to meet all of your outdoor entertaining needs this summer.

Mix up a batch of refreshing summer cocktails in their classic On Ice Beverage Dispenser and serve it in their Garden Party Drink Jars complete with charming green and white striped Soda Fountain Straws. Open guests’ bottled drinks with this adorable lobster-shaped Thermidor Bottle Opener and be sure to keep dresses and pants stain-free with the timeless Cross Stitch Cocktail Napkins. Lastly, dish out dinner from the grill onto these Bamboo Picnic Plates and place them onto the Woodland Picnic Paper Placemat Pads, a beautifully designed set of place settings that are not only elegant but also disposable (making cleaning up one step easier!).

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Whatever your house needs for the summer—from entertaining to staying in, from birdbaths to croquet sets—Terrain is sure to provide classic details that will create an elegant environment in any home.