Octopus, Veal Wellington, and Sweet Tomatoes on a Greek Island Voyage

The food choices on Oceania's Riviera cruise ship were varied and superb

Chefs Alban Gjoka (left) and Franck Garanger plating seafood dishes aboard the Riviera.

Many believe that cruise lines have mediocre food that tends to leave people feeling heavy and bloated. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, at least when you embark on a journey with Oceania Cruises. This luxury cruise line travels around the globe, exposing passengers to different countries and cultures while serving up some of the most tremendously delectable dishes — so good that they'll have you signing up for the cooking classes offered aboard the ship so as to learn their culinary secrets.

Good Food on a Greek Island Cruise

In fact, Oceania Cruises has an actual cooking school, The Culinary Center, nestled into one of the many floors of the Riviera cruise ship. Though it may be hard to peel yourself off one of the ship's luxuriously comfortable poolside lounge chairs as you soak up the ocean air, the second you smell the aromas coming from the cooking school, you will no doubt be craving some time inside. That being said, if you do sign up for cooking classes aboard Oceania Cruises, you will, of course, spend time in the kitchen, cooking up some of the local specialty dishes, but you will also be able to accompany the master chefs, who are also your teachers, as they pick out fresh, local ingredients ashore at select ports during your trip.

If you’re not so much a fan of cooking, yet enjoy, say, a thick slice of pasture-raised pork drizzled with a wine-infused butter sauce and served with truffle mashed potatoes and baby grilled vegetables, then you’re certainly in luck because the Riviera boasts nine exquisite restaurants — Toscana, Jacques (supervised by famed master chef Jacques Pépin), Terrace Café, La Réserve, Red Ginger, Privée, The Polo Grill, The Grand Dining Room, and Waves Grill — that will undoubtedly cater to every palate (including those with food allergies and intolerances). 


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