9 Magical Mountaintop Towns Worth Trekking To

There's nothing like a destination on top of the world to make you feel, well, on top of the world. For centuries, humans have gone to great heights for gorgeous scenery or fresh mountain air. You don't have to be a skiing or snowboarding enthusiast to appreciate what high-altitude destinations have to offer, either. All over the world, you'll find mountainous getaways with plenty to offer in the way of food, drink, historical sites, beautiful scenery, and tons of relaxation.

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While there are popular high-altitude spots like Machu Picchu or Mount Rushmore, mountain towns that have an actual population of residents or visitors have a separate charm to them. Living in, or even visiting, a town situated on a mountaintop has plenty of benefits that are apparent in the relaxed attitude of those present. Some are simply great resort towns with fantastic skiing and food, but others have a lot more to them. Some mountain areas have fantastic spa facilities, whereas others provide the chance to explore a new culture or religion amidst a serene backdrop. The high altitude can also result in improved blood flow due to decrease in oxygen, as well as fresh air for you to breathe in thanks to the lack of pollution. When thinking of a mountaintop town, you may have a picture in your head of a Colorado resort or a glitzy French or Swiss chalet, there are mountains throughout the rest of the world as well, giving rise to fantastic tourist destinations in places like northern India or the medieval villages of Italy. Find your inner peace, or your adventurous side, at these nine magical mountaintop towns that are worth the trek.