8 Interesting Easter Food Traditions From Around The World

Easter is a time full of delicious treats, no matter where in the world you're celebrating. Food is a big part of this springtime holiday, from the traditional ham to the commercialized marshmallow Peeps. Easter traditions vary, however, and the Eastertime treats and traditions found in the United States are often entirely different from those found throughout the globe.

8 Interesting Easter Food Traditions From Around the World Gallery

Whereas Easter egg hunts and rolls reign supreme in American culture, you may find more whimsical traditions such as cheese rolling or the passing out of oranges in certain villages in Europe. The iconic chocolate bunny has a marsupial cousin Down Under, and rather than crème eggs or jelly beans, you're more likely to find unfamiliar yet very regional desserts outside of the U.S. Easter is celebrated worldwide, yet different cultures have their different takes on the religious holiday, resulting in these very interesting Easter food traditions around the world.

Matt Sulem contributed to this article.