The Halloween Attraction Everyone Is Talking About In Your State Gallery

You know you're in for a treat (and plenty of tricks!) when you head to a local "scream park" or come upon acres and acres of scary scenes in a haunted corn maze. Halloween attractions offer more than your typical haunted house. From spooky hayrides to terrifying trails to petrifying paintball games, there is no shortage of diabolical schemes to keep your heart racing and blood pumping. And just when you thought it was safe to take a breather, these harrowing haunts won't let up.

We heard whispers about some of these places, and the screams they elicit sure got our attention. Think about every nightmare you've ever had and every horror movie you've ever seen. Now imagine all of those disturbing characters and chilling scenes in one location. That doesn't even compare to what you'll see at these horrifying places that have each U.S. state talking.

Alabama: Sloss Fright Furnace (Birmingham)

Sloss Furnaces is a National Historic Landmark in Birmingham, Alabama, that paved the way for America's industrial revolution in 1882. Its haunted past now serves as a backdrop for a "zombie-infested" forest and frightening furnace tour.

Alaska: Haunted House at Nugget Mall (Juneau)

Ghosts know no boundaries, which is why you'll sometimes find them at the mall. Nugget Mall Shopping Center in Juneau, Alaska is holding their annual haunted house inside of what used to be Foot Locker. The haunted house is a dance comp fundraiser, with proceeds benefiting a local dance program.

Arizona: The Crypt Haunted Attractions (Mesa)

With three attractions in one location, this is the place to find bone-chilling thrills in Arizona. Not everyone in The Crypt is resting in peace, and the patients in The Asylum are anything but on the mend. Then there's the Chaos maze, where you may get lost among the ghosts and ghouls... forever.

Arkansas: The Torture Chamber (Benton)

Don't miss the final year of this haunted attraction that spans 6.5 acres and more than 70,000 square feet. Keep in mind, The Torture Chamber is self-guided and extremely gory; leave the kids at home.

California: Winchester Mystery House (San Jose)

Winchester Mystery House's famous haunted history is the premise behind a major motion picture set for release in 2018. Back in the real world, during the Hallowe'en Candlelight Tour, only a flicker of soft candlelight lights the way through this 160-room Victorian mansion in California.

Colorado: Dead Zone Scream Park (Littleton)

Colorado's one and only "scream park" is the largest haunted attraction in the Denver area. All three zones — Cursed Hayride, Corn Stalkers, and After Dark Maze — were recently renovated with unexpected scares.

Connecticut: Frighthaven (Stratford)

Called Connecticut's "greatest indoor haunted attraction," Frighthaven has been scaring the pants off of East Coasters for 11 years. Cannibalistic vampires, a pitch-black pit, and a carnival of evil have scaredy-cats running for the mountains.

Delaware: Frightland (Middletown)

Featuring eight unique haunted attractions, Frightland brings the screams with a spooky cemetery, ghost town, zombie prison, and more. The latest experience sends patrons on a guided paranormal investigation. Happy ghost hunting!

Florida: Scream-A-Geddon (Tampa)

With local news anchors too scared to enter, it's up to you to take on the challenge of walking through Scream-A-Geddon. Florida's premier horror park houses five attractions, plus an area for food, drinks, and games.

Georgia: Fear the Woods (Stockbridge)

Just when you thought it couldn't get any scarier, Georgia's Fear the Woods has expanded! In addition to the haunted house and trail, Pandemic is a new, interactive laser tag that's more intense than your average game.

Hawaii: Haunted Honolulu Trolley Tour (Honolulu)

The trolley stops at some of the most haunted sites on the island of Oahu, but it doesn't keep riders safe from what might be lurking in the shadows at night. The best part about the Haunted Honolulu Trolley Tour isn't the scares, however; proceeds from the attraction go to the Hawaii Ronald McDonald House. All aboard!

Idaho: The Haunted World (Caldwell)

Thrill-seekers coming to The Haunted World are treated to plenty of tricks throughout the 35-acre attraction. Skullvania is a hostile asylum, the corn maze is a dizzying distraction, and a 55-foot slide into darkness is downright cruel.

Illinois: Six Flags Fright Fest (Gurnee)

Thrilling roller coasters plus Halloween equals one terrifying month at Six Flags Great America. Not only are the haunted houses downright petrifying, but there are many creepy characters roaming around the park. Fright Fest's motto says it all: "If you get lost, no one can hear you scream!"

Indiana: Indy Scream Park (Anderson)

The usual suspects inside Indy Scream Park — Rage 3D, Backwoods, and Brickmore Asylum — are scary, as always. But it's the new spots — Zombieland: Unchained and Pandemic: Mutation — that bring unknown terrors to the forefront.

Iowa: The Heart of Darkness (Waterloo)

Ten different themed areas peppered throughout the haunted complex feature lifelike special effects and top-notch actors at this Iowa attraction. Just seeing names like Killer Circus, Grizzly's Chainsaw Massacre, and Zombie Infestation Forest gives us the chills.

Kansas: Field of Screams (Maize)

Field of Screams with Clown Town is a half-hour haunted walk through spooky buildings and a large sorghum field filled with all manners of unnerving sights and sounds. The legend of the twisted Spurlock family, who once lived on the farm, has been explored by paranormal investigators.

Kentucky: Asylum Haunted Scream Park (Louisville)

With five attractions in one location, there's darkness and evil at every turn within Louisville's Asylum Haunted Scream Park. Zombies abound, while carnival crazies and other menacing creatures lie in wait for their next victims.

Louisiana: House of Shock (New Orleans)

Perhaps it's the haunted history of New Orleans (it's one of the most haunted cities in America) that makes House of Shock the most terrifying Halloween experience in the city. It could also be the 3-D clown assault, the Honey Island Swamp Monster, and Mad Madame Lalaurie. You decide.

Maine: Destination Haunt (Lebanon)

Destination Haunt provides all kinds of Halloween fun throughout October. Between The Execution Center, Buried Alive Cemetery, the outdoor maze, and the clown house, there's plenty to fear, and more.

Maryland: Field of Screams (Olney)

Four terrifying territories await those brave enough to venture to Maryland's Field of Screams. The Haunted Trail, Trail of Terror, Slaughter Factory, and Hades Hayride are filled with creepy creatures, menacing maniacs, and the unyielding undead.

Massachusetts: Fear Town (Seekonk)

Take a petrifying journey through the run-down buildings, where monsters, menaces, and madmen come at you from all angles. Even on the outside, there's no escape from this attraction in Massachusetts.

Michigan: Hush (Westland)

It's no secret that Hush is a disturbing place worth losing sleep over. Believable actors and movie-quality sets, props, and effects come together for the perfect nightmare in Michigan.

Minnesota: Northern Frights (Mankato)

Often referred to as "Land of 10,000 Screams," Northern Frights brings your worst fears to life within five frightful attractions. A zombie-filled paintball game will really get your heart pumping.

Mississippi: Cedar Hill Haunted Farm (Hernando)

Year-round preparation goes into the Haunted Hayride, Haunted Barn, and Trail of Terror at Mississippi's Cedar Hill Haunted Farm. It all looks innocent enough during the day, but nightfall is when the real scary fun begins.

Missouri: The Edge of Hell (Kansas City)

Full Moon Productions Company pulls no punches when creating a frightening theme park for the Halloween season in Kansas City. In addition to a not-so-average haunted house, patrons can live through Edgar Allan Poe's terrifying tales or one of the many horror movie film classics.

Montana: Field of Screams (Victor)

Field of Screams seems to be a common name for a Halloween attraction, but no two fields are the same. This haunted hotspot in Montana has been scaring the pants off people since 1998, but it's also a safe place to bring the whole family — the kids' area is the perfect place for young ones who aren't ready for the big scares.

Nebraska: Camp Fear (Elkhorn)

It's one thing to be frightened on a forest walk or to watch horror movies on the big screen, but a "fright overnight" camping experience is one of the most terrifying experiences at Camp Fear. Best to sleep with one eye open.

Nevada: Fright Dome (Las Vegas)

We hope what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, because this 250,000-square-foot madhouse is a torture chamber for the senses. Scary sights, blood-curdling sounds, and odd smells bring your worst nightmares to life.

New Hampshire: Nightmare New England (Litchfield)

The duo behind Nightmare New England has been crafting horrific Halloween experiences in New Hampshire since 1991. This particular petrifying playground is home to the Monster Midway, zombie paintball, go-karts, mini-golf, batting cages, carnival concessions, tarot card readers, fire-pits, and bars. There is something for everyone.

New Jersey: Blood Shed Farms Fear Fest (Columbus)

Only one person is allowed into New Jersey's Blood Shed at a time. The rest of the group watches the poor soul via night vision camera on a side monitor. Once that is over, patrons can continue to test their limits walking through a spooky cemetery, wacky asylum, terror trail, and frightening funhouse.

New Mexico: NM Slaughter House (Rio Rancho)

The self-proclaimed "macabre of haunts" has entertained guests since 2012, and it even had the pleasure of terrifying the producers of Insidious and Paranormal Activity. Jump scares aren't just for the movies, you know.

New York: Pure Terror Scream Park (Monroe)

With plenty of new scares each year, Pure Terror Scream Park delivers thrills and chills. The unrelenting undead, zany zombies, cackling clowns, and wild witches are just a few of the creatures lurking around this New York park.

North Carolina: Pinhead’s Graveyard (Asheville)

Classic horror characters have escaped from the big screen and can be found milling about Pinhead's Graveyard in Asheville. Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, and Michael Myers have joined forces with other madmen to seek revenge on those who dare walk through the hellraiser's graveyard.

North Dakota: Acres of Terror (Leonard)

Experience a new level of fear at Acres of Terror. Mass murderer Striker and Scremit Da Clown are just a few of the diabolical demons roaming the grounds of North Dakota's hottest Halloween attraction.

Ohio: ScareAtorium (Columbus)

People are simply dying to get into the two indoor haunted attractions at Scareatorium in Columbus. And some of them never leave, succumbing to the darkness that lies deep within the Northland Asylum and Rip's Funhouse.

Oklahoma: The Sanctuary (Oklahoma City)

Walking through The Sanctuary is like experiencing a living, breathing horror movie. Each step brings chaos and confusion, bringing you closer and closer to your breaking point.

Oregon: Fright Town (Portland)

From Sector 13, where experiments go horribly wrong, to a haunted manor overrun by angry spirits, there is plenty of Halloween fun to be had at Fright Town. There's even a Ghost Gallery with artifacts from real haunted houses.

Pennsylvania: Reaper’s Revenge (Scranton)

Reaper's Revenge takes visitors on a wild ride through four attractions across 65 acres in northeast Pennsylvania. Test your limits on a haunted hayride, in a dark forest walkthrough, in a pitch-black indoor walkthrough, and in a zombie maze. You never know what awaits you inside Reaper's Revenge.

Rhode Island: Scary Acres (Hope)

Don't let the location fool you. There's no hope of getting through Scary Acres unscathed. Hungry zombies and chainsaw-wielding madmen are skulking around the property... and they're not alone!

South Carolina: Kreepy Hollow (Bishopville)

Kreepy Hollow never fails to deliver on the scare factor. The haunted house, bus ride, and hay ride form a terrifying triple threat of scary proportions.

South Dakota: Fear Asylum (Brookings)

You never know what goes bump in the night, especially at Fear Asylum. The patients are restless, and that's putting it mildly.

Tennessee: Nashville Nightmare (Nashville)

There's no shortage of haunting visions at Nashville Nightmare. See your beloved storybook characters in a new evil light in Fairy Tale Hell or enter into an epic battle with the undead.

Texas: Thrillvania Haunted House Park (Terrell)

Thrillvania Haunted House Park features several haunted attractions on almost 50 acres. From Verdon Manor to Cassandra's House of Clowns to Sam Hain's Trail of Torment, there are chills and thrills at every turn.

Utah: Fear Factory (Salt Lake City)

For a place churning out scream after scream, Fear Factory is a fitting name for this Salt Lake City attraction. Extreme experiences include a thrilling zip line, a terrifying free fall, and a twisting, turning haunted house.

Vermont: Dead North Vermont (Danville)

Death and decay pepper the grounds of Dead North Vermont. This forgotten village will no longer be left in the shadows.

Virginia: Shocktober (Leesburg)

The sordid history of The Carvers at Paxton Manor serves as the backdrop for Shocktober. You'll learn what happens when you cross a Carver inside the manor.

Washington: My Morbid Mind (Lacey)

What began as a Halloween display on the front porch of a house in suburban Lacey has morphed into a complete haunted house experience inside an old barn. This one-man show has become a full-fledged nightmare.

West Virginia: Deviant (Weston)

Presented by The Asylum Haunted House, Deviant tells the story of a demented doctor who mistreated every single one of his patients. If you can survive the journey through the asylum, you're one of the lucky ones.

Wisconsin: The Hill Has Eyes (Milwaukee)

There are four, yes four, haunted trails within The Hill Has Eyes. And the haunts don't stop there. Take a ride on the cursed ski lift or carefully make your way through "the devil's carnival" — if you're brave enough.

Wyoming: The Haunting (Pinedale)

For the last decade, the Pinedale Aquatic Center has built a must-see haunted experience that only runs for a few days. It's the place to be on Halloween night if you're in Wyoming. Wherever in thew world you happen to find yourself around Halloween, however, you can always check to see if the local famous landmark is more haunted than you realized.