French 101: 14 Essential French Foods to Know

With Bastille Day only a couple weeks away, we created a beginner’s guide to 14 of the most essential French foods
French 101: 14 Essential French Foods to Know


You're escargot-ing to love these foods! (Sorry, we couldn't resist.)

Welcome to French 101 with your professor du jour, The Daily Meal. Unlike the actual French 101, this one has nothing to do with learning to properly say “bonjour” or count to 10 — and as someone who took French in middle and high school, trust me, this will be a much more enjoyable lesson.

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Instead of conjugating verbs, we’ll instead be learning all about French cuisine. You likely already know a few of the key dishes, but probably not all of them — and even if you do, we’ve included some interesting bits of history for some and recipes for almost every entry. From breakfast foods to domestic delicacies to delectable desserts, this is a guide to all foods French, so you’ll know what to order at your next restaurant outing, what to look for if you ever visit France, and also some cooking ideas for French holidays, a unique and creative dinner party, or just a regular Monday night.


Since the French holiday of Bastille Day is quickly approaching (it’s on July 14), we’ve compiled 14 essential French foods you need to know.