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Burger King Customers in Romania Are Buying One-Way Plane Tickets to Get a Whopper

There’s only one BK in Romania — and you have to go past airport security to get it
Burger King

Romanian burger lovers no longer have to leave the country to enjoy a good Whopper.

Many of America’s top fast food companies are known for their impressive marketing game, and Burger King is no exception. From their ad taking on President Trump’s decision to repeal net neutrality to their public disses of rivals McDonald’s and Wendy’s, Burger King knows how to promote their brand around the world, particularly in Romania.

The global chain has approximately 15,000 locations around the world, but in the southeastern European country of Romania, it has only one. To make matters worse for hungry burger lovers, that location is inside Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport  — and it’s inside the security checkpoint.

Due to this dilemma, Burger King has launched a campaign called “Whopper No Show” in Romania. Customers who are craving a delicious burger can purchase a one-way plane ticket and go all the way through check-in and airport security before giving their boarding pass to the airport Burger King so that they can receive a Whopper meal. To make things more interesting, customers are only served the Whopper once their flight leaves the gate without them on it.

This may sound like quite the expensive burger, but tickets — which are available from Bucharest to Rome, Milan, or Brussels — range from 6 to 12 euros (roughly $7 to $15) for this promotion, and a Whopper meal typically costs 12 euros anyway. Customers can purchase a flight through WhopperNoShow.com, and as wild as it may sound, many seem to have actually taken up the promotion.

“We know this is a crazy idea,” Marcelo Pascoa, head of global marketing for Burger King, told the New York Post. “But our fans are crazy about the Whopper sandwich. And we are always looking for fun ways to showcase the love people have for it.”


While Burger King has asserted that the promotion is meant to see how much their fans are willing to do in order to get their hands on their iconic burger, it also seems to appeal to Romanians who wish to buy a Whopper without having to leave the country. Of course, they could also make themselves an amazing burger without having to leave the house.