Slideshow: 20 Weirdest Aphrodisiacs Around The World


Found on beaches or floating in ocean waters, ambergris is a rare...delicacy? Basically, ambergris is the vomit of sperm whales. The substance can either be taken directly from the whale's stomach or collected after the whale has secreted it. Scientists found a chemical in whale bile, ambrein, makes rats crave sexual activity. What people will do (or consume) for the sake of love....


Balut, which is a boiled duck egg that contains a duckling embryo, is the Asian version of New York's dirty water dog. Okay, maybe a dirty water dog is a little less adventurous, but balut is a ubiquitous street food found throughout the Philippines and in Vietnam. Balut is considered an equivalent of Viagra by men in the Philippines, since it is high in protein and also an energy booster that supposedly stirs desire. 

Bird’s Nest Soup

Bird's nest soup is a rare dish and an expensive one, at as much as $900 a pound, and foraging the nests in the wild can be dangerous. If you can get your hands on this bird soup, which is primarily made up of the saliva of swiftlets from putting together the nest, it is said to help those who need some assistance in the bedroom.

Casu Marzu

This particular cheese is not for the faint of heart or weak stomach. Casu marzu — the name means "rotten cheese" — is a Sardinian product that is banned in many places around the world because it contains live maggots that can jump out into the eater's eyes, and if they're still alive as they pass through your intestine you can have some problems. Regardless of these risks, Sardinians claim that the cheese has aphrodisiac qualities.

Cobra Blood

Cobra blood is probably not most peoples' cup of tea — unless they're looking for something to rev up their sex drive. Due to their venomous nature, cobras are thought to bestow powers of several kinds, including sexual. For that reason, this serum is popular all over Asia.

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Cow Cod Soup

Cow cod soup is a common Jamaican dish that happens to also be an aphrodisiac. Cow cod soup is made with the penis of a bull — not a cow, obviously— that is cooked in a broth with bananas and peppers, or with carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. It is said to boost men's sex drive. 

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Dog Meat

In South Korea and several other Asian countries, men believe that dog meat is an aphrodisiac, providing a sensation when eaten that assists passion and romantic urges. Koreans believe that the tenderer the meat, the better their night will be.

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Notable for its awful smell, durian, a tropical fruit found in Southeast Asia, is a particularly strange aphrodisiac because some consider that it gains special properties only after it has passed through an elephant's digestive system. Others think it has the powers even if it hasn't made that journey. The aphrodisiac qualities of the fruit were supported by an Indian scientist who studied mice that had eaten the fruit and were said to have an increased libido and sperm count. The fruit itself filled with nutritional value, and has quite a pleasant flavor if you can get past the reek. It's one of 10 exotic foods worth traveling for.


The variety of blowfish known in Japan as fugu is a potentially dangerous dish if it is not prepared correctly and cleaned properly. However, when done right by certified chefs, fugu merely leaves a tingly sensation on diners' tongues. The risk factor of fugu, combined with its taste and texture, is said to get the blood pumping. If it's not properly prepared, however, it can cause paralysis and death.  

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Ginseng, the fleshy root of a perennial plant, is mostly believed to be an aphrodisiac because of its shape, thought to resemble a man's legs or penis (the name literally means "man root". The root grows in Siberia, northern China, and Korea and is claimed to have Viagra-like effects. In a study done by Southern Illinois University School of Medicine ginseng, along with several other food items and spices, were indeed found to increase lab rats' libido.

Leaf Cutter Ants

A popular aphrodisiac in Colombia and other South American countries, leaf-cutter ants are typically given as a wedding present. The ants, which are high in protein and low in fat, are typically roasted before they are eaten. 


The maca root, from a plant native to the high Andes, was thought to have the ability to increase fertility of livestock by ancient shepherds, and more recent studies confirmed that it increases the sperm count of animals. It has been used as a sexual aid for centuries, sometimes in the form of herbal coffee.


Not typically thought of as a "sexy food," the spice factor of mustard gives it a spot on this list of weird aphrodisiacs. Its ability to increase blood circulation throughout the body, along with the strong spicy flavor, has made it a longtime aphrodisiac in European countries and in China, so much so that for a long time monks were not allowed to consume it.

Rhino Horn

Ground rhino horn powder is a hot commodity in Africa and Asia. The rhino horn represents power and potency and is believed to help erectile dysfunction. Though the rhinos are on the verge of extinction and the poaching of rhinos is illegal, the powder somehow still seems to be available for men willing to pay for it. 

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Skink Skin

Skinks are small long-tailed lizards of the Scincidae family, first identified as having aphrodisiac qualities in Pliny the Elder's ancient Greek text, Natural History. The feet and muzzle of skink, Pliny said, should be soaked in wine with rocket (arugula) seeds to enhance sexual abilities.

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Spanish Fly

Spanish fly is among the best-known aphrodisiacs, used since ancient Roman times. The body of the beetle it's derived from contains a chemical compound called cantharidin; when it passes through a male or female body, it irritates the skin, increasing blood flow in that direction. Spanish fly consumption is risky; secretions from this beetle can cause irritation to the skin, literally blistering it. 

Tiger Penis

In China and other parts of Asia, tiger penis is coveted as an incredibly powerful aphrodisiac. It is typically served in soup, or soaked in water and left simmering with herbs. China banned the purchase of tiger penis, but much like that of rhino horns, but it can still be found at a high price.


Not as strange of an aphrodisiac as a duck embryo, tuna is rich in phosphorus, calcium, and vitamins A, B, and D, all of which are important to sexual vitality. The folic acid and selenium nutrients found in tuna is said to increase sperm quality and production, making it an easy go-to for a romantic night — as if you needed a reason to eat more sushi.

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Wolf Meat

In Mongolia and the Philippines wolf meat is eaten as an aphrodisiac. Mongolians use different parts of the wolf to treat medical conditions such as chronic indigestion, but eating wolf is also supposed to help the feeling of lust. Wolf meat is said to work as an aphrodisiac in much of the same way dog meat does: it provides warmth to the body, said to enhance desire.

Yartsa Gunbu

Known as the "Himalayan Viagra," yartsa gunbu is a caterpillar fungus that only appears in the spring. Tibetans use this fungus for many medical ailments, but it is commonly sought after by those with erectile dysfunction or low libidos.