The Best New Amusement Park Rides for 2018

The best new amusement park attractions show the best of theme park innovation

The best new amusement park rides for 2018 are taller, faster, and more fun than ever.

Amusement park rides are getting increasingly creative. Any occasional visitor to their local theme park or to a massive park empire like Walt Disney World or Six Flags can see that. It’s not just about the tallest, fastest rollercoasters with the most inversions and steepest hills anymore. Amusement parks across America and the world are using virtual reality and multisensory experiences to make even a simple water raft ride interactive and immersive. To highlight those breakthroughs of technology and the opening days of amusement park seasons across the country, we have compiled a list of 15 of the best new rides and attractions debuting this year.

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The most exciting new amusement park attractions of 2018 show the best of theme park innovation. From a spinning rollercoaster that gives riders a new experience every time to a submarine ride that will allow guests to see marine life and hunt for LEGO-themed treasure, each of these 15 new attractions has something new and exciting to offer theme park enthusiasts and casual visitors.

So whether you love rollercoasters and are seeking out the biggest thrills or you want to enjoy a Dreamworks-themed show with the entire family, there’s a great new amusement park ride for you to hop on this year. Click through to see the best new amusement park rides for 2018.