The Best Celebrity Chef Restaurants On Cruise Ships

Recently, we looked at the best cruise ships for dining, and discovered that some celebrity chefs have their own onboard restaurants. (Take that, everyone who assumes cruises only have buffets!) It's true, and there are probably a lot more famous chefs offering food afloat than most people would think.

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We searched the seven seas for all the big names attached to the big ships currently sailing, and created a comprehensive list of every one. We then narrowed it down to the top 11 while taking into account the cuisine type, the setting, the price range, any additional associated fees, and the fame of the restaurant's chef. We were careful to include eateries of all kinds, because not every cruise guest is looking for upscale dining with food items they often can't even pronounce — some just want a casual-but-tasty meal in between visits to the pool or the nightly entertainment.

It's important to note that the entries on this list are limited to single specialty restaurants, and do not include cases where chefs oversee every dining facility aboard ship — unless, of course, they also have a specialty restaurant or we were able to single out a specific one. For instance, Thomas Keller, famed chef–restaurateur behind The French Laundry and Per Se — who supervises all the food aboard three entire Seabourn cruises — will not appear here. But after his signature restaurant opens up on the Seabourn Quest this spring, we'll include him when we update this article.

So climb aboard, sailor. A multitude of dining adventures await you on the high seas (and river cruises too), especially at the following eateries!