American Towns Named for Food

35 American Towns and Cities Named for Food

Who wouldn’t want to visit a place named Cookietown?
American Towns Named for Food

Catch a ride as we visit some decidedly delicious destinations.

American towns earn their names in all sorts of ways. Some are fairly straightforward, named for a founder, local rock formation, or historical event. Some have origins so bizarre or obscure that it’s hard to separate history from local legend.

Since we are about all things food and drink at The Daily Meal, we wanted to honor those places that have used food as inspiration in the naming process for their towns.

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We scoured old maps, documents, and the internet, searching for towns with the quirkiest food names across the country. The stories behind these towns are unique and surprising and might in some cases incite a little stomach-grumbling.

Do you love everything breakfast? Start your day in Two Egg, Florida, or Toast, North Carolina. Swing by Sandwich, Massachusetts for lunch, and drive through Chicken, Alaska, with a side of Fries, Virginia, for dinner. Don’t forget to finish the day in Popcorn, Indiana, or Pie Town, New Mexico! (You can hit Tea, South Dakota, if you’re having trouble sleeping later.)

The residents of Lick Skillet, Tennessee, Pig, Kentucky, and Nibley, Utah might want to take a few notes for future road trips.

Loosen your belt and enjoy our list of appetite-inducing American towns — delicious destinations that should be mandatory travel for all eating enthusiasts.


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