The All-Time Craziest State Fair Foods

These specialties will take some time at the gym to burn off

At the North Carolina State Fair, Miss Debbie's is selling some insane apples. 

Every summer, millions of Americans flock to their state’s annual State Fair. Some come for the carnival rides, some for the concerts, some for the rodeo, some for the giant vegetables. But in recent years, some state fairs have become renowned for one gut-busting reason: the food. 

The All-Time Craziest State Fair Foods (Slideshow)

There’s something about the carnival-like atmosphere of a state fair that gets people in the mood to eat some insane culinary creations, and more and more culinary mavericks have been rising to the challenge. Whether deep-fried, sugar-coated, on a stick, or mashed up with some other dish, these crazy inventions all have a couple things in common: They’re insanely creative, and they’re insanely unhealthy.

Nowadays, it seems as if there’s a race to the top (or to the bottom, as it were) when it comes to state fair food creations. They just keep getting wackier and wackier, and more and more unhealthy. While we imagine that if you really wanted a salad at the State Fair you could probably track one down, for the most part these dishes haven’t a vegetable in sight (unless it’s deep-fried, of course).


So click here to discover 15 outrageous creations from some of America’s most popular state fairs. You can toss just about anything in a deep-fryer, but these dishes are all brand new inventions that actually took some culinary know-how, and – we’ll admit it – they really do look pretty good.