5 Caribbean Foods You Need to Eat Right Now

Make yourself feel like you’re on the beach by cooking these dishes right at home

5 Caribbean Foods You Need to Eat Right Now

Caribbean cuisine is melting pot of foods that originated in Africa, Europe, and India, but it’s entirely unique all on its own. In other words, it’s pretty darn awesome. 



Callaloo is a leafy green stew of amaranth, taro, water spinach, or other similar leaves — vegetables that actually becomes more nutritious when cooked. And guess what? It’s delicious. Check out this recipe from Emeril Lagasse.

Conch Chowder

Conch is basically the Caribbean equivalent of escargot. It is a sea snail with soft, tasty meat, and it’s excellent in soups and curries. However, it is hard to find in the United States, though you might have some luck in ethnic markets. Nevertheless, there are substitutes. We have many recipes you could use here.


Doubles are a vegetarian street food from Trinidad that consists of two pieces of fried, usually golden, bread, served with Indian-spiced chickpeas. Try our recipe.

Keshi Yena

Gouda or edam cheese filled with chicken and vegetables? Yes, please. Use this recipe.


Setting the framework for Puerto Rican cuisine, rice, beans, and plantains can be used in dozens of ways, like crushed into balls and mixed with pork or seafood and spices. This delicious preparation is called mofongo. Check out our recipes.