15 Foods You Didn't Know You Could Grill

Summer is the perfect time to explore, be adventurous, and try something new — and that means outside on the grill, too. If you've flipped too many burgers, eaten too much barbecue chicken, and are up to your ears in corn cobs, there are plenty of new and delicious foods to try that taste even better with some char. To give you some extra creative inspiration this grilling season we've rounded up a few of our favorite nontraditional grilling foods.

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Grills are magical things. They have the ability to transform normal foods we eat on a regular basis into something new and exciting. Whether you are using a gas, charcoal, or wood-burning grill, you will be surprised by the amount of flavor that this beloved piece of equipment will add to whatever you are cooking.

From halloumi cheese to pizza and romaine, you can throw just about anything on your grill to add an extra kick to your favorite dish. Use this optimal warm weather to dust off the grill and try something new. In addition to this list, there are plenty of other deliciously grilled foods. Roam the produce aisle and see what you can find, and be sure to check out these 15 foods you didn't know you could grill.

Editor Emily Jacobs contributed to this roundup.