Simple Thanksgiving Entertainment Ideas

Get ready for fun before and after the meal with Thanksgiving entertainment ideas for the whole family.
Thanksgiving Ideas

Don’t forget to make it fun. Keep these Thanksgiving entertainment ideas in your back pocket!

Whether you are hosting a large group of adults or catering to the kids, there is always a need to keep everyone involved and entertained on Thanksgiving. When the day finally arrives, you will be ready and armed with fun activities to keep the kids and adults engaged. And when dinner finally settles down, you’ll even have fun games that will get a laugh out of everyone. After all, sequestering kids at the kiddie table only works for a short amount of time. Set them up with some fun Thanksgiving crafts or join in the playtime with them!

The turkey and pie have officially been consumed. The football game is finished. The kids are in their pajamas, and the whirring of the dishwasher is almost like a lullaby. Before your guests slip into a food coma, keep the spirit alive by settling into some fun, final Thanksgiving entertainment.

This is the time to curl up on the couch and watch your favorite Thanksgiving specials for a good laugh. You can even pop in a DVD of your favorite Thanksgiving flick and relive your favorite actors' insane or heartwarming moments as a perfect end to your holiday! Luckily, the family antics in most holiday movies are wild enough to make you feel grateful for your own, slightly less insane, family.

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