Russell Stover Now Makes A Churros-Flavored Marshmallow Easter Egg

Churros are hard to resist – the sweet fried-dough snack, usually dusted with sugar and cinnamon, is even a cereal flavor now, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros. And if you know someone who can't resist churros, now you can slip a churros-flavored marshmallow egg into their Easter basket.

Russell Stover, famed for all kinds of chocolates, including a huge variety of flavored-marshmallow Easter eggs, now sells a cinnamon sugar churro egg. Yep, here's where state-fair food meets Easter-basket treats. The wrapper describes the new candy as "cinnamon sugar churro flavored marshmallow with real cinnamon in candy coating."

Russell Stover representatives did not respond to a request for comment, but the churros-flavored snack is starting to appear in local stores, and bloggers and others are sharing reviews of it on social media.

"It tastes just like a churro," said Tami Dunn in a YouTube video review. "It has a good sugar-cinnamon ratio, they didn't overdo it on the cinnamon."

Dunn reports that she found the churros eggs, along with lemon pucker eggs, which also appears to be a new Russell Stover marshmallow egg flavor, at CVS for $1.25 each.  Food blog The Impulsive Buy reports that a reader also spotted the eggs at Walgreens.

It seems like churros are everywhere these days, especially at Disneyland, which has boasted lightsaber churros, pumpkin-spice churros, golden churros, and rose-gold strawberry churros. While you're thinking about stocking up for Easter, which is April 21 this year, here's a look at how many calories are in your Easter basket.