Halloween Miracle: Disneyland Now Has Pumpkin Churros

What’s orange, black, and cinnamon-sugar all over?

Disney’s California Adventure is selling two new fall flavors just in time to kick up your fall Instagram aesthetic.

The Cozy Cone Motel in Disney’s California Adventure park is selling pumpkin churros. The perfect fall treat is already upgrading Instagram games for the coming Halloween-season (aka the entire month of October).  

Disney-food fans are snapping pics of their seasonal treats eerily glistening in the sunshine. But the new pumpkin churro is only one part of the Disney magic happening at the Cozy Cone.

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Spookily enough, the orange and black speckled churro is only one of two new fall Disney treat creations. A sparkly purple and black covered cinnamon sugar stick described only as “Halloween”-flavored has also hit the park. Even the sight of the colorful duo together is enough to give you a trick-or-treat tooth-ache. 


Both churros retail for $4.50, but it might just be cheaper to make all your favorite Halloween candies at home.