Ring Pop Gummy Gems Put A New Shine On A Beloved 1990s Kid Candy

Remember the 1990s? That innocent era of clear cola, Furbys, grunge, Surge soda and floppy disks? One of the decade's iconic candies, Ring Pops, has received a makeover for the 2010s. Ring Pop Gummy Gems are new from Bazooka. While they don't have the traditional finger-band that allowed kids to wear them, they do have a neat new twist: A drop of sour gel hidden inside the sweet candy.

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"Generations of Ring Pop consumers know and love the Ring Pop iconic gem shape," said Becky Sotsky, Bazooka senior brand manager. "That's why we're so excited to use all new 3D technology to create an eye catching gem-shaped gummy that's unlike any other."

The colorful gummy candies are shaped like sparkling gems, so you can pretend you stumbled across a treasure chest left behind by pirates. Bite in to the sweet treat and discover the sour-gel center.

The candies are sold in a 3.7-ounce bag, and each candy boasts two different flavors, one sweet, one sour. The fruity combinations are cherry apple, blue raspberry watermelon, lime blue raspberry and tropical pineapple orange. They're now available at Walmart, and will hit other stores in 2019.

Gummy treats and Ring Pops aren't strangers. Back in 2013, Bazooka launched Wearable Ring Pop Gummies Candy, a chewy version of the candy bling. Continue this trip down Memory Lane with a look at old-school snacks we bet you forgot completely existed.