Offer Your Neighbors More Than Antiques At Your Next Yard Sale

With clean springing over and done with, it seems that everyone has been filling their driveways with all of the old furniture, books, tableware, board games, and everything else they no longer need. But before you staple your yard sale posters and spend half of your day sitting outside, get busy in the kitchen. Snacks are sure to make your yard sale a much more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Offer everyone refreshments: As the summer heats up, the need to keep your family, friends, and neighbors hydrated becomes much more important. Fill a pitcher with water, make a batch of iced coffee, or leave out a few bottles of fruit juice. The sun won't seem as hot once everyone has something to drink.

Update your lemonade stand: A traditional glass of lemonade is sure to refresh and cool down your customers, but why not make things a little more interesting? Add some raspberry, iced tea, or kale to your lemonade mixture.

Make sandwiches for your salespeople: All of your helpers are bound to get hungry eventually. Pack a cooler of sandwiches ahead of time, so that way you won't have to abandon the others in order to supply them with nourishment. May we suggest making Lobster BLTs or Tangy Chicken sandwiches?

Sell prepackaged snacks: Head on over to Costco, BJ's, or another wholesale retailer and pick up some of your favorite snacks and candy bars in bulk. Stick a cheap price tag on the goodies and see what sells. Wind up not selling anything? That's OK. You will be all set on snacks for the lunchboxes.