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Neighbor Calls Police After Man Eats Lunch in Same Spot on Street for 18 Months

The man eats the same sandwich from the Tailgate Deli in Buffalo, New York

Shutterstock / Arina P Habich

Pawlowski says he wants to visit his favorite lunch spot one last time before finding a new one.

Like many people working a 9-to-5 job, John Pawlowski wanted to step away from his office in Tonawanda, New York, and eat his lunch in peace. According to Pawlowski, he found a nice spot under a tree in a neighborhood to park his car and enjoy a sub sandwich as part of his routine one day each week. Unfortunately, Pawlowski’s favorite lunch spot caused a bit of a stir, attracting attention from not only neighborhood residents, but also the police.

In April, a neighborhood couple in their mid-60s followed him to his office to confront him about his lunch spot, claiming he was being suspicious, The Buffalo News reported. The couple said they had been watching Pawlowski for a year. The week following the confrontation, he went back to the neighborhood to continue his lunch ritual without incident — but the following week, a police officer pulled up behind his car to investigate and spoke briefly with Pawlowski before allowing him to carry on with his lunch.

According to The Buffalo News, Pawlowski is now considering changing up the scenery, but Barbara Tucker, the owner of the house he parks in front of, says she doesn’t mind him being there.

“I don’t care,” Tucker said. “I don’t own the street.”


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