Utah Police Find 36 Pounds of Meth Hidden in Food Jars

Garland police also received help from Box Elder Sheriffs Office and Tremonton Police Department

The man told police he was passing through Utah on his way to North Dakota, according to Soffe.

Police in Garland, Utah seized more than 36 pounds of methamphetamine hidden in food jars early Sunday morning after a man called the police to report that he was being followed by “suspicious” vehicles.

After the call, Garland police met the 27-year-old man off of I-15 and, according to Chief Chad Soffe of the Garland City Police Department, responding officers said the man seemed out of sorts, Fox 13 reported.

“It was obvious he was on some kind of drug,” Soffe said.

Police didn’t find any suspicious vehicles nearby; however, they did find meth concealed in food jars.

According to Soffee, the drugs are estimated to be worth more than half of a million dollars.

The suspect was booked for possession of marijuana, possession of methamphetamine with the intent to distribute, and forgery of an international passport.


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