The 10 Saddest And Most Hilarious 'Sad Desk Lunches'

Oh sad desk lunches, what would the modern office job be without you? Less sad, perhaps, but also less satisfying in a schadenfreude-y way. 

We've all fallen victim to the sad, weird, and desolate lunches that occur due to a combination of the intention to pack beautiful lunches for the week, failing to do so and having to grab cheap take-out, and then feeling bad about overextending our budgets.

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At this point, whatever lonely leftovers are lurking around the fridge become your lunch. Individually-packed saltines and a found box of instant mac and cheese? Throw in the leftover ketchup packets and you've got yourself a meal, sort of.

If this scenario rings true, it's because it's happened to the best of us.

Take comfort in the fact that sad desk lunches are happening all over the country and the world. And just because you're having a sad desk lunch on Monday does not mean you'll have one on Tuesday. If you care to commiserate with us, check out 10 of the saddest "sad desk lunches" and remember that somewhere in the world, there's someone having a sadder desk lunch than you.

The Saddest Chicken and Broccoli Ever:

We don't encourage going on whatever diet inspired this single piece of plain chicken and broccoli rabe. That lonely schmear of hummus (or whatever it is) doesn't look prepared to take on the task of providing all the flavor for the whole plate.

The Sad Sausage Desk Lunch from Germany:

From the submitter: "Cold discounter Leberkäse (Lidl) with Ikea Ketchup. Cost-cutting in German newspaper business."

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