How To DIY Fantastically Colorful Mermaid Ice Cream

Mythical creatures are all the rage in our Instagram food trends these days. But in case you haven't quite had your fill yet of colorful, tie-dyed unicorn and mermaid food, we have the skinny on how to DIY some homemade mermaid ice cream. The recipe comes from the popular YouTube channel HellthyJunkFood.

They start by making a blueberry coulis, which is basically a fruit purée that's used as a sauce. Then you can either opt for making homemade vanilla ice cream, or just buying a tub (the latter is a lot easier). We hate to spoil the magic for you, but the brilliant blue-green mermaid color actually comes from blue and green food dye which is mixed into the ice cream. Then, once your coulis is cooled sufficiently, that's mixed in as well to create a vibrant purple-blue-green hue the color of the ocean.

The next step of course is to make a matching colorful mermaid waffle cone, which you can create at home by following the video below:

The original recipe, complete with pastel sprinkle topping, comes from Delish.

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