How To Throw A Summer Beach Party

Thankfully, summer is almost here and that means it's time to party. The beautiful weather is begging you to go outside and be with nature. So while you're planning your Fourth of July barbecues and camping adventures, don't forget to spend sometime at the perfect summer venue: the beach.

Throwing a beach party can be tricky. There is the pesky sand and the vulture seagulls, but if done right, a beach party will be the best get-together you throw this summer. Here are some tips to make sure that your friends leave this party tanned and happy.


The words research and party should never really go in the same sentence, but it's something you have to do. You don't want to show up with all your guests only to find out you're not allowed to party at that particular beach. Some beaches have rules about late night parties, regulations about bonfires, and restrictions on alcohol. You may need to reserve a spot on the beach or get permission to even throw a party there. After you do all that boring stuff, you're ready for your party.


It's important when you invite people to tell them to bring their own towels, blankets, or folding chairs. This will make sure that everyone has a place to sit without getting sand all over them. Be sure to bring a long folding table where you can lay out snacks, one or two beach umbrellas to protect your food and your guests from the sun, and extra bottles of sunscreen in case people forget. Trust us, you don't want your guests to remember this party by the wicked sunburn they got. 


A potluck is the easiest way to self-cater the party. Feel free to suggest some recipe ideas to your guests so not everyone brings the same thing. Fruit salad is a must for any kind of summer party, and this one is soaked in sangria for a boozy twist. For your main dish, keep up the summer feel with a chicken avocado sandwich on a French baguette. As for sides, you could get store-bought potato chips, or you could make these perfect homemade chips instead. To finish off the meal, serve these tasty orange cookies. They are sweet and tangy and perfect for a beach party.


Your party playlist should be fun and upbeat. You want your guests to feel the joy of summer, so make sure you have some summer classics on there as well as the hottest songs of this year. Just hook up your player to a pair of portable speakers and let the music blast.

This article was originally published June 14, 2014.