How to Make Your Own Ketchup

Sir Kensington’s artisanal ketchup helps us use more ketchup in the kitchen
What Is Ketchup?

We talk to the founders of Sir Kengington's to learn more about one of our favorite condiments


You may be asking yourself, why make your own ketchup? The popular condiment is easily found pretty much anywhere, whether in a grocery store or on a restaurant tabletop, and pretty much all variations of it taste alike, so making your own from scratch at home may not seem like it’s worth the time or the effort.  

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Enter Mark Ramadan and Scott Norton, co-founders of Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Scooping Ketchup, who had a perfectly good reason for making ketchup at home. After graduating from Brown University together and working for a short time in finance, Ramadan and Norton decided that in the face of mass-produced ketchups, with their corn syrup-bases and processed ingredients, they wanted to create an all-natural, hand-crafted sauce that glorified the condiment. Unlike the leading, mass-distributed brands, their ketchup would be a homemade and flavorful product made from all-natural and unprocessed ingredients.

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Along with the obvious health benefits of making your own ketchup, Ramadan explained that artisanal ketchup goes better with artisanal foods. Making your own, rustic variety is a way to dress up your dishes, even though at the heart of it, they're still paired with a basic condiment. They had us convinced that making our own ketchup was well worth it, and while they wouldn’t share their secret recipe, they gave us a few helpful hints to get us started on our own version. Along with how to make your own, they shared several recipes, from traditional to non-traditional, that take ketchup outside of its condiment category, and make it a very key and flavorful asset in the kitchen. 

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