When Is Easter? It's Sooner Than You Think!

Thanks to the ever-changing lunar cycles, which mean that our Easter weekend falls at a different time every year, this year, the Easter bunny will be on your doorstop in just over a week. To avoid you being taken by surprise when Easter arrives on March 27, we're here to warn you of its looming appearance, and help you get prepared with all the Easter essentials. From starting Good Friday with hot cross buns, to setting up the best Easter egg hunt for the kids, don't miss these top Easter tips in your mad-dash to get ready for next weekend.

Easter Arts and Crafts

Easter is the perfect time to work on some arts and crafts projects with the kids. Try decorating your own Easter eggs, making edible Easter centerpieces, and maybe even make these curious bunny place cards, which will definitely come in handy on Easter Sunday.

Easter Baskets

Easter wouldn't the happy holiday it is without our much-loved Easter baskets. Whether you're filling them with homemade treats or the kids' favorite Easter candy, make sure they're bright, colorful, and contain all these Easter basket essentials. You should definitely try including some of our favorite homemade Easter Peeps and chocolate Easter nests.

Easter Breakfast

Whether you're having Easter breakfast or brunch, celebrating Easter with family and friends around the breakfast table is the best way to start every Easter day. Good Friday should begin with traditional hot cross buns, which are best served toasted, with lashings of butter, and a drizzle of honey. Over the Easter weekend, celebrate the spring produce at breakfast with a fresh, bright brunch. New season's asparagus, perfectly cooked eggs (use this guide for how to cook hard-boiled eggs if you need some kitchen tips), pretty pink rhubarb, berry pancakes, and sunny cocktails are exactly what you need at your Easter brunch.

Easter Baking          

There is no better time than Easter to get in the kitchen, get your aprons on, and start baking everything chocolate-focused you can think of. No other holiday celebrates our favorite baking ingredient quite as much as Easter does! Whether you're baking with little ones and opt for baking and decorating some simple sugar cookies, are baking an extravagant Easter bunny cake to sit at the center of your Easter table, or are keen to set about making a homemade trifle to end the big meal on Easter Sunday, here are multiple Easter baking projects for you to enjoy.

Easter Egg Hunt

If you've got kids at home this Easter weekend, you're going to have to set up an Easter egg hunt. No matter how old they are, an Easter egg hunt works for children of all ages, as long as you follow a few simple tips. Remember to set the rules out clearly before the hunt starts to avoid upsetting any participants, and try to avoid making it too competitive.

Easter Dinner

The focus of Easter — at least for the grown-ups who aren't quite as candy-focused as the young ones — is typically around the big Easter dinner. Whether you're going for a roast Easter ham, an herb-dressed leg of lamb, or are trying out a non-traditional dish this Easter, make sure to plan ahead as much as you can so that you don't have to spend the whole Easter weekend slaving away in the kitchen. With plenty of springtime food, and a beautifully set Easter table, you'll be hosting the happiest Easter dinner, which everyone really will love.