10 Best Easter Egg Hunts for All Ages

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Indoors or out, make people work for their baskets and eggs this year

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Everyone would love these Easter egg hunt ideas!

Easter is right around the corner and it's time to plan an egg hunt that's memorable and tasty. Here are 10 creative ways to make finding those chocolate eggs or Easter baskets a bit more fun (and challenging) this year.

1. Follow That Bunny!


Create a bunny trail from that leads kids on a path from their bedroom door to an Easter basket. You can use a trail of candy, plastic eggs, or cut-out bunny footprints.

Tip: Wrapped candies work best to keep floors neat and clean. Place unwrapped treats in small bags or cupcake liners and beware of hungry pets who might want a snack.


2. The Egg-cellent Scavenger Hunt

Give each family member a list of several different types of items to hunt down: three pink eggs, a white chocolate bunny, a marshmallow chick, an egg filled with nickels, etc. When the list is completed, give a final clue that leads them to their Easter baskets. (Photo at right courtesy Flickr/nate steiner)

Tips: Hide everything that is on the list as well as a few extras in case some are too hard to find. For kids who can't read yet, use photos or drawings instead of a written list.


3. Dressing in Your Easter Best

Hide party hats, plastic bracelets, silly bunny noses, tutus, and capes along with a few treats like ring pops and candy necklaces. As kids find the items, they must put on the clothes and accessories. Photograph the absurd outfits on each family member (Fido, included) and then do an Easter costume parade around the house or backyard. (Photo courtesy of Istock/dosecreative)

Tips: Hang a sheet or tablecloth on a clothesline as a backdrop for your pictures. Everyone can take turns snapping photos of people standing in their funny costumes in front of the backdrop, like in a photo booth. 



This article was originally published on April 4, 2011.

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