Every christmas Cookie, Ranked

We Rate Our Favorite Holiday Cookies From Worst to Best

Only leave out the best for Santa

There’s one thing that no holiday season is complete without. No, we’re not talking about snow or family or presents. We’re talking about cookies. Yes, while you can technically eat cookies any time of year, Christmas is the ultimate cookie holiday. Every holiday party worth its salt has at least a few platters full of these sweet delights. But no two cookies on that platter were created equal. Some are going to go much, much faster than the others. So we made it our business to rate our favorite holiday cookies from worst to best.

We Rate Our Favorite Holiday Cookies From Worst to Best Gallery

We took 15 classic holiday cookies that appear on our platters and weighed them against a few non-scientific but very specific criteria. Are the cookies special to the holiday and festive? Are they universally admired? How easy or difficult are they to make (and if they’re hard, are they worth the effort)?

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And while we’re never going to turn our noses up at any cookie, we have to admit that finding our No. 1 was surprisingly easy. How did you favorite holiday cookie stack up? Keep reading to find out our definitive ranking of holiday cookies.