Chocolate Coated Bars


The Best-Ever DIY Halloween Candies

Making your own Halloween candy is so much more fun than buying it from the store
Chocolate Coated Bars


Making your own candy is so much fun, and it tastes better than the store-bought version too!

Halloween is a candy-packed holiday. On Halloween itself, an average American will consume approximately 7,000 calories in candy alone. It’s therefore no surprise that this is the time of year where the most candy is sold in the country, with everybody stocking up on candy corn, chocolates, and gummies to eat themselves and hand out to trick-or treaters on the spooky day. But this year, rather than spending far too much money on candy at the store, turn your weekend into a Halloween candy DIY activity, and make it all yourself!

The Best-Ever DIY Halloween Candies (Slideshow)

Making candy may sound like an overwhelmingly complicated challenge. If you’ve never worked with sugar in the kitchen before, don’t be scared to start now. If you follow the steps carefully, be super careful to not burn yourself, and avoid rushing the whole process, then you’ll manage perfectly — we promise it’s not as stressful as it sounds! And when, after a couple of hours of therapeutic rolling and shaping, you end up with bags filled with homemade candy corn, you’ll be the most satisfied Halloween party host or treat-giver there ever was.

If you don’t want to deal with super-hot sugar, and would rather take on a candy making project that kids can easily help out with, then turn to the chocolate-based treats. From the simple candy corn chocolate bark, to easy homemade chocolate crunch bars, everybody will be able to make their own delicious chocolate candy with absolutely no problem. As an added bonus, the result will be far tastier than anything you’d buy from the store.

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