3 Easy Valentine’s Day Candy Decorations

Make your house a sweet place to be with these cute candy decorations
DIY Candy Decorations

Make these sweet decorations for an adorable Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating those you love. Whether you are planning a romantic date with a special someone or a big old love fest with friends or family members, there are easy ways to fill your celebration with sweetness and cheer. Get into the spirit of this sweet holiday by decorating with Valentine’s Day candy. From those chalky conversation hearts to those spicy cinnamon sweets, you can use candy to show the person you love a truly sweet time. The best part is making these loveable crafts with your Valentine. Here are a few sweet ideas to get you started:

Make a Wreath

With hard candies, you can add colorful pops of color to an outdoor wreath. Simply nestle the candy into the wreath using hot glue. Just make sure you coat the candies in a sealant, like Mod Podge, so the candies can last while facing the elements outdoors.

Make a Centerpiece

Your favorite fake flowers will look fabulous when enhanced by colorful sweets in a clear vase.

Make a Candy Tree


Want to really get the conversation started? Make a conversation hearts candy tree for a bold and bright decorative statement. Use a styrofoam cone as the based of your tree and glue conversation hearts to it in a colorful pattern. Brush a thin coat of sealer on it and you’ll have a bright Valentine’s Day prop in no time!