New Hershey’s, Kit Kats, and Reese’s Halloween Candies Glow in the Dark

No tricks, just treats
new halloween candy reeses kit kat
Courtesy of Hershey's/modified

Halloween is coming!

This Halloween, trick-or-treaters are going to glow as they flounce from house to house with their knapsack of candies. No, seriously, they’re going to glow. Hosts who hand out chocolate this year have the option of giving snack-sized Reese’s, Kit Kat, and Hershey’s products with special wrappers that glow in the dark.

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new halloween candy reeses kit kat kisses

Courtesy photo/modified.

New spooky foils.

Each brand is also launching festive new foils. Reese’s miniatures will don cute-as-a-button ghosts and skulls, Kit Kats will be disguised as ghosts, skeletons, and sheriffs, and Hershey’s Kisses will be adorned with spooky ghosts, bats, and spiders.

new halloween candies kit kat twizzlers

Courtesy photo/modified

New dark chocolate Kit Kats and Twizzlers.

new halloween pumpkin

Courtesy photo

Assorted candy in a pumpkin.

If you thought the fun stopped there, you’re gravely mistaken. There’s more! Kit Kat is launching a new bag of mini dark chocolate wafers, and Twizzlers is dropping itsy-bitsy orange and black cherry Pull ‘n’ Peel licorice. Or, for $19.99, you can give the tiny monsters at your door an assortment of Hershey’s, Reese’s, Kit Kats, Whoppers, and Jolly Ranchers from a big plastic pumpkin.

Of course, Reese’s eyeballs, pumpkins, and white cream ghosts are returning to store shelves this season, as is the Reese’s variety pack dubbed Lovers Assortment (Reese’s stuffed with pieces, pumpkins, ghosts, and Fast Break), the bag of orange baby Kit Kats, and the full-sized white chocolate Hershey’s Candy Corn bar.

Whether you’re planning on handing out candy this year or keeping it all for yourself, we won’t judge. These spooky shapes and glowing treats won’t startle the scaredy cats, but we can’t promise the same for the most haunted place in every state.