Yes, There Is Such A Thing As Healthy Pancakes: 11 Recipes For The Weekend

Pancakes may be at the top of the list for the most popular breakfasts and a definite crowd-pleaser, but when you are attempting to manage a healthy diet, processed flour and excess sugar should be avoided at all costs. So, what are you to do if you want to have your pancakes and eat them too? Luckily, there are always alternatives for your favorite unhealthy foods and there are ways to indulge without the bulge. 

Banana, Blueberry, and Pecan Pancakes

After you have tried this flavorful recipe, you won't believe these pancakes are vegan and gluten-free. Instead of using flour, combine oats and pecans to form the perfect, fluffy pancake. Bananas are substituted for bananas, and regular milk is replaced with rich and creamy almond milk.

For the Banana, Blueberry, and Pecan Pancakes recipe, click here.

Banana Bread Protein Pancakes

Never feel guilty about having something sweet after your daily exercise. These protein pancakes will replenish your muscles after a workout and keep you satisfied until lunchtime.

For the Banana Bread Protein Pancakes recipe, click here.

Banana Oat Pancakes

These pancakes are made with wholesome ingredients and deliver a taste the whole family will love. Use nuts to add a little crunch and whole wheat flour to give you a serving of whole grains.

For the Banana Oat Pancakes recipe, click here.

Banana Pancakes

Incorporating bananas gives regular pancakes a naturally sweet touch. Top with pure maple syrup or agave and your healthy breakfast will be complete.

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Banana-Pecan Corn Meal Pancakes

Making tiny swaps to your recipes will not only make them healthier, but also more satisfying. This pancake recipe uses cornmeal for added fiber and texture and replaces oil with plain yogurt.

For the Banana-Pecan Corn Meal Pancakes recipe, click here.

Blueberry Orange and Almond Pancakes with Orange Maple Glaze

This delectable recipe uses natural ingredients, such as fresh orange juice and maple syrup to provide a sweet-citrusy taste. Top the pancakes with an orange slice and your guests will think they died and went to citrus heaven.

For the Blueberry Orange and Almond Pancakes with Orange Maple Glaze recipe, click here.

Chia Seed Pancakes

Never underestimate the power of chia seeds. Tiny black and white chia seeds are a great source of protein and calcium and will boost the fiber content of your pancakes while giving them the slightest crunchy texture.

For the Chia Seed Pancakes recipe, click here.

Double Chocolate Chip Blueberry Pancakes

If the recipe calls for pancakes and double the chocolate, it can't be healthy, right? Lucky for you, these pancakes have half the calories and fat of regular pancakes and they qualify as a healthy indulgence.

For the Double Chocolate Chip Blueberry Pancakes recipe, click here.

Gluten-Free Coconut Pancakes

These pancakes are similar to crêpes, which are thin pancakes that can be filled with a sweet or savory filling. These are topped with a coconut and jaggery filling, which will taste like nothing you have ever had before.

For the Gluten-Free Coconut Pancakes recipe, click here.

Sweet Potato Feta Pancakes

Savory pancakes can be healthy too! This pancake recipe can be a healthy addition to your dinner repertoire. Top it with plain nonfat Greek yogurt and send your taste buds for a whirl.

For the Sweet Potato Feta Pancakes recipe, click here.

Vegan Pancakes

Simple ingredients go a long way with this egg- and dairy-free pancake. To ensure sweetness, add vanilla extract to the batter and top the finished pancakes with agave, honey, or pure maple syrup.

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