The Top Allergy-Friendly Chain Restaurants In America, Ranked

If you have a food allergy, eating out at restaurants can be difficult — and in some cases genuinely risky. Some restaurants are accommodating and equipped to adjust their meals to their customers' needs. Other restaurants might struggle to provide allergy-friendly options. The number of people with food allergies is increasing by the day. Every year, AllergyEats scours the reviews and feedback they receive from customers and ranks the 10 most allergy-friendly chains in America. These chains are given scores from 1 to 5 on how well they are able to accommodate visitors with food allergies.

"For the over 15 million Americans with food allergies, it's incredibly important to know which restaurants are the best at creating allergy-friendly meals so these individuals can more comfortably dine out," said Paul Antico, founder and CEO of AllergyEats, in a press release announcing this year's list. Food allergies can be extremely dangerous — while many restaurants are accustomed to dealing with some of the most common food allergies, these restaurants went above and beyond.

"The restaurant chains on this 2019 list have differentiated themselves with exceptional food allergy protocols, education, and training, according to peer reviews from AllergyEats users," Antico explained.

AllergyEats separated the chains into two groups: small chains and large chains. Large chains included restaurants with over 50 locations. Small chains had fewer than 50 locations.

Many of the same chains make the list every year. But this year, four new chains have made the list. One of them earned the title of the smallest chain to ever earn a spot on the ranking. Find out which restaurants made the list in the complete ranking of large and small chain restaurants.

Large Chains: #5 Bertucci's Italian Restaurant

Bertucci's Italian Restaurant ranked fifth on this year's list. The outstanding pizza chain offers a design-your-own pizza option among other menu options, all of which are cooked in a brick oven.

Large Chains: #4 In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out is new to the list this year, and is number four on the list of most-allergy friendly chains with a rating of 4.39. It's a regional chain, but we wish it was national!

Large Chains: #3 Longhorn Steakhouse

Longhorn Steakhouse is the third most allergy-friendly large chain with a rating of 4.42. They may not have the most impressive wine list, but Longhorn Steakhouse was also ranked the best casual steakhouse in America — definitely worth a visit.

Large Chains: #2 Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill was the second most allergy-friendly large chain with a rating of 4.42. They've also recently started offering new "Lifestyle" bowls that cater to dietary concerns like vegan and vegetarian diets, the Keto diet, and more. 

Large Chains: #1 Maggiano’s Little Italy

Maggiano's Little Italy was the most allergy-friendly large chain with a rating of 4.68. Craving indulgent Italian food? You're in luck with Maggiano's, which also placed second on our list of best Italian chains in America.

Small Chains: #5 Weber Grill

Weber Grill is the fifth most allergy-friendly small chain with a rating of 4.71. They are also the smallest chain to ever earn a spot on AllergyEats' list, with only five locations, all in the Midwest. Weber Grill was started by the people who invented the Weber charcoal kettle grill, so they're grilling experts — definitely not making any of the rookie mistakes you might at home!

Small Chains: #4 110 Grill

110 Grill is the fourth most allergy-friendly small chain with a rating of 4.74. This chain, based in New England, serves upscale American cuisine in a casual atmosphere. With rotating seasonal menus and fresh ingredients, the chain is very committed to its allergy-friendly status.

Small Chains: #3 Clyde's Restaurant Group

Clyde's Restaurant Group is based out of Washington, D.C. and includes Clyde's, 1789 Restaurant, Old Ebbitt Grill, The Tombs, The Hamilton, and The Soundry. They are the third most allergy friendly restaurant in America, with a score of 4.78.

Small Chains: #2 Flatbread Company

Flatbread Company was the second most allergy-friendly large chain with a rating of 4.83. They are located in New England and serve flatbread-style pizza cooked in their classic stone ovens.

Small Chains: #1 Burtons Grill

Burtons Grill was the most allergy-friendly small chain with a rating of 4.85. "With our legendary scratch kitchen, we are able to customize our menu offerings to meet your dietary needs or wants," the chain's website explains. Hopefully one day we'll see more allergy-friendly dishes and menus at all of America's best restaurants.

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