Chipotle Just Added New Vegan and Vegetarian Bowls

Both new ‘Lifestyle Bowls’ are built from existing menu options

Chipotle’s slew of diet-specific menu options now includes vegan and vegetarian “Lifestyle Bowls.”

To kick off 2019, Chipotle introduced “Lifestyle Bowls,” which took the guesswork out of creating Whole 30-, paleo-, and keto-compliant meals. Now the fast-casual chain is expanding how it caters to different diets by offering vegan and vegetarian options for plant-based eaters who can’t manage to figure it out for themselves.

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Although it’s something you’ve long been able to order if you’re a vegan and choose to build your own bowl, Chipotle’s new vegan Lifestyle Bowl includes the chain’s plant-based Sofritas, brown rice, black beans, tomato salsa, chili-corn salsa and lettuce. With all those plants and grains, it sounds like one of the healthiest things to order from Chipotle

Their vegetarian bowl also sounds like a healthy option. It includes pinto beans, brown rice, fajita veggies, tomato salsa, chili-corn salsa and sour cream — because it’s not vegan — as well as a scoop of guacamole.


Chipotle’s guacamole is actually vegan, but the vegan bowl already comes with a protien (Sofritas). You can actually get guac on your vegan bowl for free if you choose the guacamole as your protein instead of the plant-based meat substitute. You just have to build your own bowl instead of ordering the pre-selected Lifestyle Bowl option. Don’t worry about missing out on the Sofritas — beans and rice actually equal a complete protein. Wake up, Chipotle! Even vegans deserve to eat an avocado every day.