Things You Think You Know About Healthy People That Just Aren't True

Who are these "healthy people" anyway? Everyone has some idea in their mind of what health looks like. These ideas are often vague, usually involving someone who enjoys eating greens and going jogging. Sometimes they have a dog they take on runs. Maybe they meditate. Perhaps they have an attractive (and equally healthy) child or two that they somehow coerce to eat salads.

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We think we know how health looks on the outside, how it feels, and the lifestyles of those who have it. Though the definition varies from person to person, all of our ideas about healthy people often have one thing in common: They aren't us.

We tend to spend a lot of time criticizing ourselves. We eat a doughnut and think, "Wow, I really need to eat healthier..." We skip the gym and think, "Someone in better shape would be there right now." Our own self-talk is posed against us, a skewed comparison representing a negative self-opinion that only makes things worse.

With Instagram, magazines, and a deluge of health imagery surrounding us all day, it's become more tempting than ever to condemn our own health in comparison to those elusive "healthy people," who are always somehow just doing better.

But you might be more like the real healthy people out there than you think. Here are some things you think you know about healthy people that just aren't true.