These 15 Kitchen Items Are Dirtier Than Your Toilet Seat

It's time we stop turning a blind eye to the grossest place in our entire household: the kitchen. We've been ignoring the problem for some time, but with the recent panic surrounding the travesty of infested kitchen sponges (it turns out that microwaving them has only been making things horrifyingly worse), gross kitchen habits are on everybody's minds.

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The horrifying reality is that our kitchen environment is wild with infestation — infestation you ingest every time you eat something you cooked, cleaned, or even brought into your kitchen. Hands, mouths, and food waste are some of the most overgrown surfaces around when it comes to bacteria growth. E. coli, listeria, and even fecal matter call these surfaces home.

These surfaces also happen to move around your kitchen often, spreading contamination from place to place. And the average household does not clean often enough. We turn our noses at the thought of eating something that's come in contact with a toilet bowl, but we don't blink an eye when food touches these common kitchen items — and they're honestly so much worse.