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35 Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

These common symptoms could signal something serious
symptoms doctor

Any one of these symptoms could warrant a visit to your doctor. 

It can be hard to tell when a symptom is benign and when it’s cause for alarm. Take a cough, for instance. Where’s the line between just waiting out the cold and consulting your doctor to treat your bronchitis?

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Your body is communicating with you day in and day out, sending all kinds of messages to you with various sensations and feelings. It’s up to you to interpret these signals and make a change. When you’re hungry, for instance, you know it’s a good time to eat. When you’re cold, you know to grab a blanket.

But what about the other symptoms — the ones that aren’t so clear? Some people just ignore every sign and symptom and avoid going to the doctor like it’s the plague. In the long run, that’s not such a great idea for your health. You want to keep your doctor aware of your symptoms and medical history, just in case something ever happens and you need medical care.


Plus, these symptoms are commonly ignored and could leave serious conditions undiagnosed. If you experience any of these 35 symptoms, don’t ignore them — talk to your doctor.