Startup Creates the Keurig of Yogurt

Except this machine won’t destroy the environment

The yogurt from the machine is more natural and less processed than stuff from the store.

For those of us who love yogurt but hate the price, today is a great day to be alive — from the comfort of your own home, you can now make DIY yogurt for a fraction of the price. Yomee, termed “the Keurig of yogurt” makes all kinds of snacking (dairy-free, vegan, protein-packed, and the like) easily accessible without investing in costly, sugary, store-bought options.

The process is simple. You pour in milk or a milk alternative. Then you drop a Yomee pod into the machine, select the type of yogurt you want, and wait patiently until your yogurt is cultured and ready. Live active cultures inside the machine work to make the probiotic, gut-healing yogurt you desire.

The machine makes Greek, plain, or stirred yogurt in plain, strawberry, vanilla, or blueberry flavors.

There’s no cleaning or preparation required, and the machine keeps your yogurt cool and refrigerated until you’re ready to dig in.

For your packaging convenience, the topper of the smart new yogurt container has compartments for toppings, so you can take an appropriate serving of granola and berries along with you.

It seems they’ve thought of every feasible scenario in which a person might be craving yogurt and planned for it. The only drawback is that it takes approximately five hours to brew, unlike a Keurig coffee’s quick 30 seconds.

There’s also a wait time for the purchase of this new device — the company has yet to fully launch, and is waiting on funds from a Kickstarter campaign, which you can find here.


We’re really pumped about the breakfast, snack, and dessert possibilities in this machine. Now, we can all enjoy probiotic, nutritious yogurt without all the junk and preservatives that’s often in the store-bought variety. We can control how much sugar is added in each cup and even consult the device’s smartphone app for healthy recipes. For some breakfasts to eat in the interim, try a few of our favorite healthy recipes.